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SSX118 - The Endless Floyd Anthology + Bonus PF Cover MKI - Korg Krome / Krome Ex

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This collection contains some of the best sounds from the Pink Floyd world, a Complete Anthology for Korg Krome / Krome Ex. This is the best Pink Floyd collection ever made on any keyboard synthesizer in terms of sound fidelity. This anthology focuses on the textures of the legendary british rock band Pink Floyd. We are sure that this product will meet your needs of sound; each patch is carefully designed and programmed from scratch, inspiring the sound of the original recordings in chronological order. We used many Real Time controls such as Sw1, Sw2 , knobs  that allow you to create a unique sound experience. 70 new Combination sounds and more than 128 Programs ideated, designed from scratch with care on sound details and performed by Alex Di Donna ( Synthsound ).



Patches List: ( Combi Mode - NO SAMPLES VERSION )  Program F - Combi A
01 Astronomy LFO 
02 UG Farfisa Compact Duo 
03 UG Farfisa Compact LFO 
04 UG Farfisa Compact Atmos 
05 Wright M.Flute
06 Sysyphus Orchestron  
07 More Organ 
08 Crying Vibraphone 
09 Funky Dung Organ 
10 Remembering Atom&Pompei 
11 Celestial Organ 
12 Psychedelic Organ 
13 OOTD Patch SW2 
14 Echoes Piano SW2
15 Breathe Lap/Rhodes  
16 On The run 
17 Time I  
18 Time II 
19 Home Again 
20 The Great Patch SW2 
21 Money sw1/-Y pad1-2 
22 Us & Them Patch SW2 
23 AnyColourYouSaw sw1 
24 Brain Damage  
25 Damage Squares 
26 Eclipse  
27 Shine On pt1 Patch 
28 Shine 2 
29 Shine Solo 
30 Welcome To The Synth! 
31 Have a Cigar Patch 
32 WYWH Intro 
34 Dogs moog 
35 Pigs Patch 
36 Sheep patch SW2 
37 ITF 1 
38 ITF2 
39 The Thin Ice Piano/Sweep 
40 Brick II Patch 1/2 
41 Brick II solo ch4 
42 One of my Pads 
43 Don't Leave the Patch!k6 
44 ITF PT.2 
45 Comfortably I 
46 Comfortably II 
47 Run like Organ/strings 
48 Run Like Solo 
49 Young Lust SW1 
50 Hey You I SW2 
51 Hey You II 
52 Hey You synth pad / bell 
53 The final piano 
54 Signs of Synth 
55 Learning Patch I 
56 LTF Delayed Atmos 
57 On The Turning Patch SW2 
58 Sorrow 1 
59 Sorrow 2 
60 Sorrow 3  
61 Sorrow 4 
62 Cluster One Patch 
63 What d'U Want fromPatch? 
64 Marooned Intro 
65 Marooned II SW2 
66 Wearing Patch 
67 Coming Back to life 
68 Keep the Patch! 
69 The Endless Patch 
70 The Endless Patch II 
71 The Endless Patch III


+ another PCG File with BONUS / FREE

PF COVER MKI for KROME patched by Carlitos

This collection contains some of the best sounds from the Pink Floyd world.
With tons of real time controls you will be able to play those great songs without any external sequencer.

Patches List:

Shine on you crazy diamond
Have a cigar
On the run
Time intro + Time
The great Gig in the sky
Any colour you like
Brain damage + Eclipse
In the flesh
The thin ice
Another brick in the wall pt.2
Empty spaces
Comfortably numb
One of these days
Coming back to life

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