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SSX112 - Supreme Leads - Korg EXTREME

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Added by Synthsound

A definitive and comprehensive collection of 46 power tones: we can consider it as a “Power Anthology” since it consists of a large variety of leads directly taken from metal world. This series revolutionizes the concept of combi; We've added a lot of real time controls and advanced editing techniques, giving you greater versatility and fidelity to sounds. Each sound has been created from scratch and designed to meet the needs of metal way. 46 new high quality sounds ideated,designed from scratch and performed by Alex Di Donna ( Synthsound ).   “Supreme Leads” is the ultimate metal sound supremacy.



Patches List:  ( COMBI - B / PROGRAM B )  ( * Samples in Patch )
New Hammer *
Liquid Wah 
New Wah lead 
DX7 Power Lead 
Keytar Lead I 
Keytar Lead II 
Keytar Lead V3 
Wiza-RA Lead 
Wizard Lead 
Wizard Moog II 
Marim.Gr V3 Sw2 
Marimba GrooveII 
Dream Ensemble 
Clav Riff 
Soft Delay Lead 
Wiz Atmos 
Acid Piano Solo 
Monster Lead 
Planet MonsterV3 
Key Solo 
Key Solo VH 
Key Solo VX(C#1) *
Fuzz Poly V3 
Wave Filter 
Fuzz Lead 
Fuzz Poly 
Acid Groove 
Monster Solo sw2 
Apocalypse V3 
Wave Filter v4 
Hammy Clone 
Organ Groove 
Perfect CX3 
Nordlead I 
Nordlead II 
Nordlead III 
Modular lead 
Planet Groove V3 
Reso Groove 
Universe Arp 
JD Crunch75V3sw2 
Noosed Lead 
Old Liquid 
Pig Groove III 
Pig Groove IV 
Liquid Wah V3

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