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PROGRESSIVE WORLD is a collection that features famous sounds and splits from legendary keyboard players of all the time with pure analog feel. This series revolutionizes the concept of combi; We've added a lot of real time controls and advanced editing techniques, giving you greater versatility and fidelity to sounds. Each sound has been created from scratch and designed to meet the needs of progressive way. 42 new high quality sounds ideated,designed from scratch and performed by Alex Di Donna ( Synthsound ).  

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Patches List: ( Combi A - Prog A ) ( * Samples in Patch )
Steel Lead
Steel Lead V3
Wizard Groove
Wizard Moog I
Pig Groove I
Pig Groove II
Marimba Groove I
Marimba GrooveII
Marim.Gr V3 Sw2
Wizard Strings
Sitar Groove
Wiz. Rev. Piano
Kurzy Piano V3
Wizard Brass Pad
Continuum Pad
Continuum Pad V3
Over The Wizard
New Hammer
The Root ofSynth
Fuzz Mono V3
PianoAtmos Solo
The Lead Debate
Hammer Perc. Sw2
Beyond The Pad
The Fatal Choir
Beyond the Brass
Pull the Split
Dance of Wiz.Sw2
Universe Arp
Falling Pad
New Wailing <+3>
Planet Groove V3
Modular lead
Dream Seashore
Alien X Atmos
Monster King
Rhodes Atmo Sw2


Steel Lead A lap steel sound simulation
Steel Lead V3  A combi with lap steel lead tone and orchestra
WizardSitar V3 sw1 A sitar sound with tablas and violin lead by pressing sw1
Wizard Groove A complex and powerful split: lower section - heavy guitar tone and bass; upper section – pwm lead
Wizard Moog I Basic JR moog mostly used in Octavarium; knob 2 transposes OSC1 keeping OSC2, knob 3 detunes OSC1
Pig Groove I /II Powerful heavy keyboard sounds useful to make groove with guitar
Marimba Groove I / II Marimba groove with various layers. adds trumpet on sw2, ideal for unison parts
Marim.Gr V3 Sw2 Another marimba groove with variations by pressing on sw2
Wizard Strings Basic marcato strings
Mellotron * Beautiful melltron sound. Sw1 adds/removes flute layer, sw2 adds/removes choir layer
Clav Riff Famous clavinet sound mostly used on JR late solo projects
Sitar Groove * Classic sitar sound sampled from an electric sitar and tablas in the whole section of the keyboard
Wiz. Rev. Piano * An atmospheric piano with reverse envelope on pedal
Kurzy Piano V3 * Kurzy classic sound. Slider adds rotary speaker simulation
Wizard Brass Pad  JR warm brass pad mostly used in SFAM times
Continuum Pad Wonderful patch that allows you to ricreate the textures od Octavarium suite by DT. Lower section - pad; upper section - keytar lead sound
Continuum Pad V3 A variation of the previous patch with pad chords in the lower section
Over The Wizard Synth sound inspired by JR textures on his solo projects
New Hammer * A variation of the classic JR lead tone
Wiz.Perc.Split Synth sound inspired by LTE textures
The Root of Synth * Amazing patch useful to recreate Octavarium mood
PianoAtmos Solo * Kurzy Piano pad patch . Sw2 adds atmos 
The Lead Debate JR atmosphere used on SDOIT : lower section - octave strings; upper section - warm lead
Hammer Perc. Sw2 * A variation of the "New Hammer" with percussion by pressing Sw2
Beyond The Pad It is a split of flute sound on the lower section of the keyboard and slow octave strings with flanger on the upper section. It is inspired by DT textures
The Fatal Choir A split of choirs on the lower section of the keyboard and guitar. Useful for gothic moments
Beyond the Brass It is a JR brass sound mostly used on SFAM
Acid Piano Solo * It's a percussive piano patch inspired by LTE textures
Pull the Split Another example of split: useful to play the ending part of "Pull me Under" by DT. There are 3 different zones: percussive organ layer, the same perc organ in a different octave but transpose by octave, an octave string sound
Moogavarium Another JR moog sound inspired by the textures of DT
Dance of Wiz.Sw2 A variation of the Dance of Wizard patch, adds layer on Sw2
Fuzz Mono Classic monophonyc fuzz lead
Monster Rhodes Powerful rhodes with distortion: you can control distortion tone with knob 3 and 4 ; knob 1 adds a flanger to the rhodes
Modular lead  A lead that gives a nod to the analog tones with a light fuzz distortion
Dream Seashore  Motion pad patch with arpeggiator and strings
Alien X Atmos  Another atmosphere inspired by Planet x textures
Monster King  Powerful acid groove sound useful for heavy riff parts
Planet Groove V3  Split with monster rhodes groove and organ layer
Rhodes Atmo Sw2  It's a rhodes patch: Sw1 adds a beautiful step flanger, Sw2 adds a warm organ layer
New Wailing <+3>  Famous lead sound inspired by JD800 wailing lead mostly used in early DT records



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