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SSX107 - Wizard Dream - Korg Triton STUDIO

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SKU: SSX107-studio

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The pack includes patches and splits inspired by the textures of Jordan Rudess, keyboardist in the band Dream Theater.
This series revolutionizes the concept of combi; We've added a lot of real time controls and advanced editing techniques, giving you greater versatility and fidelity to sounds. This is a collection of very high quality and we are sure to meet the needs of the most demanding people. Designed and performed by Alex Di Donna ( SynthSound ).  50 new patches !




Patches List: ( Combi A - Prog A ) ( * Samples in Patch )
Liquid Lead
Liquid Wah
New Wah Lead
Liquid Wah Foot *
Keytar Lead I / Keytar Lead II / Keytar Lead V3
Steel Lead
Steel Lead V3
Wiza-RA Lead / Wizard Lead
WizardSitar V3 sw1
Wizard Groove
Wizard Moog I / Wizard Moog II
Pig Groove I /II / III / IV
Marimba Groove I / II
Marim.Gr V3 Sw2
Dream Ensemble
Wizard Strings
Mellotron *
Clav Riff
Sitar Groove *
Wiz. Rev. Piano *
Kurzy Piano V3 *
Wizard Brass Pad
Continuum Pad
Continuum Pad V3
Over The Wizard
New Hammer *
The Root of Synth *
Noosed Lead
Old Liquid
Soft Delay Lead
Wiz Atmos
PianoAtmos Solo *
The Lead Debate
Hammer Perc. Sw2 *
Beyond The Pad
The Fatal Choir
Beyond the Brass
Acid Piano Solo *
Pull the Split
Dance of Wizard
Dance of Wiz.Sw2

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