SSX104 - Planet Synth - Korg Triton LE / TR

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The pack includes patches and splits inspired by the textures of Derek Sherinian, also keyboardist in the band Dream Theater. This is a lite collection of useful sounds and we are sure to meet the needs of the most demanding people. Designed from scratch and performed by Alex Di Donna ( Synthsound ). 18 new patches !





Patches List:  ( Combi B - Prog B )  ( * Samples in Patch )

Monster Lead 
Legendary Monster sound inspired by the textures of Derek Sherinian ( Dream Theater, Planet X).

Key Solo VH / VX / Poly* 
The faboulus Key Solo: first octave is the bass section; knob 4 adds damper so you can play the whole section without pedal.

Fuzz Poly / Lead / Mono
3 tons of classic fuzz lead.

New Wave Filter
It is a filter flangered sound used both on FII and live. - Y adds octave strings layer.

Universe Atmos
A motion pad patch with arpeggiator. Sw2 adds organ layer.

Livetime Pad 
A flanged pad used live by DT.

New Groove Planet / II 
A custom Derek Sherinian signature groove tones based on Nord Lead.

Modular Lead 
A lead that gives a nod to the analog tones with a light fuzz distortion.

Monster Planet 
A split with fastsynth pad and monster lead. Sw2 adds more delay.

Water Dreams 
Motion pad patch with arpeggiator and strings.

A mysterious piano sound inspired by Derek Sherinian - Planet X.

King Monster 
Powerful acid groove sound useful for heavy riff parts.

Universe Pad II 
A motion pad used by DS in his Planet X project.

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