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SSX004 - Lead 4 Speed / Revolution - Korg Nautilus Series

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SKU: SSX004-nautilus

Added by Synthsound

Synthsound proudly presents a collection of 20 huge sounds that allow you to get the necessary to play live aloud and with more sound personality: it features revisioned sounds offering more quality to the sounds as the famous Key Solo as well as the Monster LeadLiquid Lead, and some cool vintage leads with great real time controls. Designed and performed by Alex Di Donna ( Synthsound ).


Patches List:
001: Monster Revolution 
002: Key Solo Revolution 
003: Vintage Fuzz Lead Mono 
004: Progressive CX3 II 
005: Zero One/w Lead 
006: More Soft Lead 
007: Pig Riff II 
008: Sitar & Tablas 
009: Liquid Lead Rev. 
010: Keytar I 
011: New Liquid Wah 
012: Continuum Revolution 
013: Zeta ONE Lead 
014: JD Crunch Mono 
015: Scream Lead -Y 
016: Vintage Cabinet Moog 
017: New Jd Groove II SW1 
018: The Master Rhodes SW 1/2 
019: Atmos Moog 
020: New Wah Lead Rev

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