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SSX003 - Synth Class EXi - Korg Kronos Series ( 48 presets )
SSX003 - Synth Class EXi - Korg Kronos Series ( 48 presets )
SSX003 - Synth Class EXi - Korg Kronos Series ( 48 presets )
SSX003 - Synth Class EXi - Korg Kronos Series ( 48 presets )
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SSX003 - Synth Class EXi - Korg Kronos Series ( 48 presets )

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Added by Synthsound

This new collection is a real revolution. All the sounds of previous editions have been completely revisited from scratch so as to give you the ultimate in quality sound experience. Synth Class EXi features tones directly taken from 70 / 80 / 90's synthesizers like Moog, Jp8, Jd-800, Z1 and so on and very useful patches taken from our Images and Words cover Collection also available in our store as a bundle. This complete pack allows you to recreate aggressive guitar tones as well as minimoog sounds and fm leads. This edition features reloaded real time controls, drum tracks, foot pedal controls, switches, pad sections as well as the new EXi Engines ( AL-1, MOD-7, MS-20ex, PolysixEX, STR-1, CX3 ) and various samples. Become protagonist on stage with these new complex combination sounds. Ideated, designed from scratch and performed by Alex Di Donna ( Synthsound ).




Patches List:
001: Zeta ONE Lead
002: Zeta ONE Lead II
003: New Synchronia
004: New Synchronia II
005: New Jd Groove
006: Organ Maniac
007: Colour Moog
008: Psycho Rhodes
009: Moog Reso Port LFO
010: Inside Out Lead
011: Unison PWM
012: Analog Octave Moog SW2
013: Moog I
014: Wailing the Lead
015: Pwm DW8 Lead
016: JD Crunch 75 Poly
017: Mooger I
018: Welcome to The Lead
019: JD Crunch Mono
020: Scream Lead -Y
021: Troy Horse Lead
022: DW8m Basslead
023: Take The Pad
024: DX Jens Lea
025: Sourrounded Split I
026: Sourrounded Split II
027: Vintage Impressions
028: Vintage Cabinet Moog
029: Mellotron Play/Mute 4
030: JD-Piano Atmos SW2
031: Farfisa CD Play/Mute 9
032: Antarctic World
033: Big Strings SW2
034: Bells Stack Atmos/dlySW2
035: Omnium Lead SW1/2
036: New Jd Groove II SW1
037: Metropolis
038: More Soft Lead
039: Metro Stack Atmos
040: Metro Stack V3 Combi
041: DV8m Unison Square Combi
042: The Master Rhodes SW 1/2Combi
043: Delayed Atmospheres Combi
044: A Sirious Split
045: Electric Korea Lead
046: Atmos Moog
047: EL-Pad
048: TarkuSplit Groove

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