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SSX000 - World Piano - Korg Oasys ( over 64 presets )
SSX000 - World Piano - Korg Oasys ( over 64 presets )
SSX000 - World Piano - Korg Oasys ( over 64 presets )
SSX000 - World Piano - Korg Oasys ( over 64 presets )
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SSX000 - World Piano - Korg Oasys ( over 64 presets )

Product SKU: SSX000-oasys
For: Korg Oasys
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Added by Synthsound

SynthSound is proud to announce its first Piano Collection for Korg Oasys. SSX stands for Synth Sound Expansion. This is a collection of acoustic pianos. There are samples of the famous Steinway, Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Yamaha and old Japanese captured in a dry environment with professional condenser microphones. We tried to make the natural resonance of the piano strings and avoid looping of instrument samples to give you a realistic sound experience. We are confident that this product will meet your needs: you will be amazed by the realism of this excellent concert grand piano emulator. 2 GB sample RAM required. Designed from scratch and performed by Alex Di Donna ( Synthsound ).

- 8 distinct multisampled pianos
- Over 800 MB samples
- Over 70 Custom Programs provided

Patches List:

Stereo Korean Piano 
Stereo Korean Piano Hard 
Dark Compression K.Piano 
Stage Korean Piano 
Stage Chorus KoreanPiano 
Intimate Korean Piano 
Korean Piano Reflections 
K.Piano + Strings Sw1 
Korean Piano Atmos Sw1

Stereo Natural Piano 
Stereo NaturalPiano Hard 
Dark Compression N.Piano 
Stage Natural Piano 
Stage ChorusNaturalPiano 
Intimate Natural Piano 
NaturalPiano Reflections 
NaturalPiano+Strings Sw1 
Natural Piano Atmos Sw1

Stereo Upright Piano 
Space ChorusUprightPiano 
UprightPiano Reflections 
Phazed Upright Piano 
Intimate Upirght Piano

Stereo Vienna Piano 
Stereo Vienna Piano Hard 
Dark Compression V.Piano 
Stage Vienna Piano 
Stage Chorus ViennaPiano 
Intimate Vienna Piano 
Vienna Piano Reflections 
Vienna Piano+Strings Sw1 
Vienna Piano Atmos Sw1

Stereo Pure Piano 
Stereo Pure Piano Hard 
Dark Compression P.Piano 
Stage Pure Piano 
Stage Chorus Pure Piano 
Intimate Pure Piano 
Pure Piano Reflections 
Pure Piano + Strings Sw1 
Pure Piano Atmos Sw1

Stereo Swedish Piano 
Soft DynamicSwedishPiano 
Dark Compression S.Piano 
Stage Swedish Piano 
Stage ChorusSwedishPiano 
Intimate Swedish Piano 
SwedishPiano Reflections 
SwedishPiano+Strings Sw1 
Swedish Piano Atmos Sw1

Stereo Sons Piano 
Stereo Sons Piano Hard 
Dark Compression S.Piano 
Stage Sons Piano 
Stage Chorus Sons Piano 
Intimate Sons Piano 
Sons Piano Reflections 
Sons Piano + Strings Sw1 
Sons Piano Atmos Sw1

Stereo Coda Piano Hard 
Dark Compression C.Piano 
Stage Coda Piano 
Stage Chorus Coda Piano 
Intimate Coda Piano 
Coda Piano Reflections 
Coda Piano + Strings Sw1 
Coda Piano Atmos Sw1

Korg ® is a registered trademark of Korg Inc which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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