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SLL022 - The Synthscape Library - Nord Stage 3 ( 40 presets )

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SKU: SLL022-ns3

Added by Liotta

Great collection of 40 new sounds of leads, pads ,synths, keys and sequences for Nord stage 3. Programmed by Simone Liotta.

"This Nord library is a collection of programs and samples"


Bonus sequence presets:
Synthwave 120 Bpm
DB 175 bpm
Trap Cm 116 bpm

Zimmer pad
Avicii lead
Daft poly
Solina pad
Analog poly
Dead pluck
Apollo 11 pad
80s keys
Game lead
Fm keys
Big key pad
Detective keys
Pop pluck
Bad lead
Desert pad
Sky keys
House poly
Up pluck
Suspance poly
Atmo pad
Pop lead
Jarre keys
Big pad
Guitar lead
Cold pluck
Analog pad
Gladietor lead
Melody poly
Modern lead
Caos pad
Moog lead
Human pad
90s keys
Cinematic lead
Bell pluck
Rock lead
80s poly

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