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SLG004 - Synth Legends V4 - Korg Kronos Series

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Synth Legends V4 is a collection of 34 timbres ( 875 MB ) programmed for the Korg Kronos and Nautilus. They are inspired to M1 vintage synthesizer made by Korg and for each class of timbres the synthesis engine of the original machine was recreated on the interface of the Kronos and Nautilus, choosing also the best mapping of the parameters in order to fully control each timbre in a live situation.
Feel the power of the Korg M1 on your Kronos or Nautilus and have fun enriching each timbre with the powerful synthesis engine made by Korg.

Patches List:

Piano PAD
Holding Back Rh
Piano VOX
Over Organ
Old Delay Mallet
Film Pad
80 String Machine
GEM Synth
Rel. Pad
Italic Quartet
Linear Orchestra
Synthy Orch
DOO Wave
The North Cold
DOO Stabs
8-BIT Generation
Linear EP
EXi Clav
80 Sync Lead
80 Lucky Lead
80 Dance Lead
Modern Dance Lead
Ita Prog Lead
Ocean Breeze Pad
Light Blue Pad
Analog S.Brass
80 Analog Pad
Analog DRY
Lovely Tines
Lovely Piano Tines
Twin P.Pad
Dark Domine Bass
Synth Wide Octave Bass
Synth Legend V4 Lead

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