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SKL004 - Patches Of Innocence - Nightwish Cover - Korg Kronos / x / 2 / Platinum / Ls ( 33 presets )

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Added by Stefkeys

This collection contains 8 setlists and 33 exciting sounds inspired by the famous live performance "End of Innocence" at the Summer Breeze 2002 by the famous finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish.
Using the setlists you will be able to play the entire live set only moving forward with the patches (with the switch pedal, touch screen or the forward program arrow).
Some patches contain samples so that you can recreate the brilliant sound effects as Tuomas Holopainen.

Patched with attention to sound details by Stefano Angiulli.


Setlist001: End of all hope
Setlist002: Dead to the world
Setlist003: 10th man down
Setlist004: Slaying the dreamer
Setlist005: OVer the hills and far away
Setlist006: Sleeping sun
Setlist007: The kinslayer
Setlist008: Come cover me


Patches List (COMBI U-B): 
1) End of all strings
2) End of all pad
3) End of bells
4) End of solo pad
5) Dead to the pad
6) Dead to the harpstrings
7) Dead to the pad2
8) Dead to the piano
9) 10th man sample pad *
10)10th choir
11)10th strings pad
12)10th strings
13)10th hit strings
14)Slaying the harps
15)Slaying the pad
16)Slaying the voices hit
17)Over the pad
18)Over the woodsolo
19)Over the strings
20)Sleeping pad
21)Sleeping bells
22)Sleeping strings basspad
23)Sleeping choir
24)Sleeping stringspad
25)Kinstrings *
28)Come cover patch *
29)Come cover bells
30)Come cover mallet
31)Come cover strpad *
32)Come cover bellspad
33)Slaying the voices 

* sample in patch on C-2

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