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SCL370 - Mellotape - Yamaha MODX / MODX+ ( 39 sounds )
SCL370 - Mellotape - Yamaha MODX / MODX+ ( 39 sounds )
SCL370 - Mellotape - Yamaha MODX / MODX+ ( 39 sounds )
SCL370 - Mellotape - Yamaha MODX / MODX+ ( 39 sounds )
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SCL370 - Mellotape - Yamaha MODX / MODX+ ( 39 sounds )

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This is a collection inspired by the vintage mellotron sounds for your Yamaha MODX / MODX+ . It provides 39 timbres ( 31 samples = 300 Mb ) included in the original factory set of this wonderful vintage instrument.


Patches List:

USER1:001 SW:MK Strawberry Flute
USER1:002 Br:MK Crimson King
USER1:003 SW:MK Africana
USER1:004 Br:MK SGT. Pepper's
USER1:005 St:MK Watcher Skies
USER1:006 St:MK Old Mello Strings
USER1:007 Pd:MK Choir Ensemble
USER1:008 Br:MK Ensemble Brass
USER1:009 Kb:MK PhasyClavi
USER1:010 Pn:MK Piano/Strings S.K
USER1:011 Br:MK2 Tenor Sax
USER1:012 Br:MK1 Trombone
USER1:013 Br:MK1 Trumpet
USER1:014 Br:M400 2Brass
USER1:015 Br:MK1 French Horn
USER1:016 St:M400 Solo Violin
USER1:017 St:M400 Cello
USER1:018 St:M300A Strings Low
USER1:019 St:MK2 3Violins
USER1:020 St:M400 16Violins
USER1:021 Or:MK2 Church Organ
USER1:022 Or:M400 Hammond
USER1:023 Or:MK1 RevOrgan
USER1:024 SW:MK2 Accordion
USER1:025 SW:MK2 Flute
USER1:026 SW:M400 BassFlute
USER1:027 SW:MK1 Clarinet
USER1:028 Br:MK400 Oboe
USER1:029 Pd:MK400 Boys Choir
USER1:030 Pd:M400 Female Choir
USER1:031 Pd:M400 Male Choir
USER1:032 Pd:MK Mixed Choir
USER1:033 Gt:MK2 Steel Guitar
USER1:034 Kb:M400 Clavicord
USER1:035 Kb:M300 Harpsichord
USER1:036 Pn:MK2 Piano
USER1:037 Pd:M400 Wineglasses
USER1:038 Cp:M400 Vibes
USER1:039 Cp:M400 Tubular bells

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