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SCL259 - StanWhy Z Upright Library - Yamaha MODX / MODX+

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A huge library for Yamaha MODX / MODX+ inspired by the legendary StanWhy Z Upright Piano. 75 mb of new samples recorded in stereo.
2 velocity levels for the piano and new pad, strings and orchestra sample sounds for this library. 19 new performances with layer and split for classical, rock, pop and progressive music.

Patched by Francesco Monaco.

Patches List:
1) Dynamic STW Z
2) DynaMix SusTein Z
3) Concert STW Z
4) Up-Front STW Z
5) Warm STW Z
6) Compressed STW
7) STW Z for Rock
8) Dance STW Z
9) Dark STW Z
10)STW & Rhodes AS1&2
11)DX Ballad STW AS1
12)DX Power STW AS1&2
13)STW+Strings AS1,AT
14)STW Concerto AS1&2
15)STW Orchestra AS1
16)Pad STW AS1&2
17)Dreaming STW AS1Knob
18)STW & B3 AS1&2
19)STW Bass Split AS1

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