SCL193 - Massive Synth - Sequential Prophet X / XL

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This awesome library adds creativity and power to your Sequential Prophet X / XL; it features new soundscape pads, classic pads, progressive and powerful leads useful in every musical context, some industrial sound and so on... 32 new sounds ! Ideated and designed from scratch.


Patches List:
Lost Island
Prophet 5 Drive Solo
Pink Flies
Bass Fires
Nightmare Piano
Prophet Liquid
Flange Clav
5th Lead
Flange Powr
One Syncs
Dream Ensemble
16v Clav
Vintage Str2
Acid Mono Synth
Prophet Stack
Sweeper Super
BigSaws Lead
Stranger Synth
Monster Rhodes
Perc Unison
Porcupine Voices
Pig Prophet
Marimba Groove
Classic Pwm
Pink Pad
Dream Guitar
Minimoog Horns
Prog Stack
Fat Lead
Legato Lead
eMotional Och Pad

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