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SCL130 - Piano Keys & More - Yamaha MODX / MODX+

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From acoustic to electric piano, from pads to leads: 77 new sounds for Yamaha MODX / MODX+

( Over 500 MB Of Samples )


Patches List:
Natural Grand S6
Soft Case (Rhodes)
Galaxy Dx7
80s Layer
16+ 8 +5&1/3 (Organ)
Pop Bells 1
Sitar 2
Synth Pad Attack
Stereo Clavi
Stereo Clavi Wah
Gentle harp
Sweet Flute 1
Active TRB
Feel/Square WM Speed
Jazzy 1 (Organ)
All Bars Perc Af1&2
Tenor Growl
Full Concert Grand 1
Full Concert Grand 2
SuperTrance 2
Large Section
Full tine
Section Strings 4
Soprano Soft AF1
Saw Lead
Bell Pad
Sweetness MW+AS2
Orchestra Harp
Lunar Eclipse AF1&2
Sweep Pad
TX816 Bell Piano
A Few Wheels
Banjo 2
Synth Brass
Dyno Chorus MW+AS2
Space Power Lead
Dark Modulation
DX Pad
Hip Voice
Twist Sync
Acid Fun AS1
Vintage Clavi
Hard Vintage (Rhodes)
Hard FM Keys
Velo Master
Ballad Stack
Cosmic Gate
Hypnotic AF1&2
Touch Clavi
Full Strings 1
Analog Pad
Steel Drum
Sine Lead 1
Square Lead 1
Nitro Pad 1
Synth Noise Phaser
PsychoRhodes 1
Whistle Menina
Penny Lane
Radio Pirata
I Whant To Break
Kong-fu Fighting
Space Lead
Vox Anitta
WarmPad 1
WarmPad 2
WarmPad 3
WarmPad 4
WarmPad 5
Acordeon Register (USER 3)
Brass Session (USER 3)

PowerHit. (Roland)
Fantasia XP80 (Roland)
Stereo Brass 2.
Brass Frevo
Tenor Trombone
Slow Choir Voice (Korg)
Kawai Ex Grand
Voice Jazz 1 (Omnisphere)
Super Sync Lead (Pro-53)
Eletric Guitar Funk
Synth Lead Malandra
Acordeon Italian
Mute Trumpet
Korg Velo Sync Lead
Session Trompete
VSL Tenor Sax

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