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SCL085 - Spacenight Sound Bank - Reveal Sound Spire ( 50 presets )

€19,00 €29,00

This Spacenight Sound Bank offers the best sounds you can ever take from your Spire. 50 sounds suitable for any musical genre. You will find a set of various arpeggiators, bass, leads, pads, keys, organs and plucks and more...
Enjoy SPACENIGHT Bank and have a good music day !


Patches List:
ARP Rocket Hills
ARP Uranus
BS Dreamers
BS Effect Of Sun
BS Galileo Face
BS Hello Astronauts
BS Lava Planet
BS Neptune
KEYS Phoenix
KEYS Warm Galaxy
KICK Habitable Zone
LD Adventure Clouds
LD Landed
LD Stop And Play
LD The Spacecall
ORG Alien Dance
ORG Solar System
ORG Space Church
PD Alpha
PD Andromeda
PD Armstrong
PD Atlas
PD Bellatrix
PD Cassiopeia
PD Celestal Stars
PD Comet
PD Earth Call
PD Eclipse
PD Electra
PD Gemini
PD Jupiter
PD Landed
PD Mars
PD Nasa
PD Orion
PD Out Of Signal
PD Planetar
PD Pluto
PD Relax On Venus
PD Spaceship
PD Stargate
PD Taurus
PD Titans
PD Utopia
PD Vulcan
PL Alien Words
PL Astroworld
PL Baby Alien
PL Baby Invasion

Spire ® is a registered trademark of Reveal Sound which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for