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SCL060 - Piano & Keys / Collection - Yamaha S90XS / S70XS

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Added by FAROZZ

This library contains 128 new fantastic sounds for Yamaha S90xs / S70xs, including Acoustic, Electric and Digital Pianos.
The sounds were created starting from the preset waveforms by editing parameters, effects and Voice Elements. Programmed by Farozz.


Patches List:

001: A1 Natural S90XS Piano A.Piano
002: A2 Bright S90XS Piano A.Piano
003: A3 Elegant XS Piano A.Piano
004: A4 Bright XS Piano A.Piano
005: A5 Modern XS Piano A.Piano
006: A6 Home Piano XS Piano A.Piano
007: A7 Concert Piano XS Piano A.Piano
008: A8 Romantic Piano Piano A.Piano
009: A9 Natural CFIII Piano A.Piano
010: A10 Elegant CFIII Piano A.Piano
011: A11 BassPiano CFIII Piano A.Piano
012: A12 Natural S CFIII Piano A.Piano
013: A13 Natural S6 Piano A.Piano
014: A14 Natural S Piano A.Piano
015: A15 Elegant S Piano A.Piano
016: A16 Bright S Piano A.Piano
017: B1 Dark S Piano A.Piano
018: B2 Full Grand Piano A.Piano
019: B3 Full Grand ES90 Piano A.Piano
020: B4 Concert Grand Piano Piano A.Piano
021: B5 Full Concert Grand Piano A.Piano
022: B6 BassPiano S6 Piano A.Piano
023: B7 Grand S700 Piano A.Piano
024: B8 Brite S700 Piano A.Piano
025: B9 Dark S700 Piano A.Piano
026: B10 3Layers S700 Piano A.Piano
027: B11 S700&DX Piano A.Piano
028: B12 Piano Vertical Piano A.Piano
029: B13 Piano Vertical Open Piano A.Piano
030: B14 New Old 88 Piano A.Piano
031: B15 Piano Oldbright Piano A.Piano
032: B16 Entertainment Piano A.Piano
033: C1 Piano Clavinova Piano A.Piano
034: C2 CF3+EP3DX3 Piano Layer AF1/2
035: C3 ResoPiano XS Piano A.Piano AF1
036: C4 MetallicPiano Piano E.PIANO
037: C5 Piano PluchTacky Piano A.Piano
038: C6 Piano Yanni Piano A.Piano
039: C7 SuperClaviXS Piano Clavi
040: C8 Modern Clavi Piano Clavi
041: C9 Hybrid Piano XS Piano
042: C10 Grand + Pad Piano Layer
043: C11 PianoOrchBack Piano
044: C12 AP&Strings Piano AF1
045: C13 Piano&Strings Piano
046: C14 S6Piano&Strings Piano
047: C15 PianoSoftStr Piano
048: C16 Piano >Strg >EP Piano
049: D1 Piano >E.Piano(AF1) Piano
050: D2 Piano >Strings(AF1) Piano
051: D3 Vellut Piano Piano
052: D4 FM Piano Gtr Piano
053: D5 FM E.Piano Piano
054: D6 80s LayerDX Piano
055: D7 E.Piano GX1 Piano
056: D8 DX Ballad Piano
057: D9 Key80s Layer Piano
058: D10 Night DX Piano
059: D11 E.PianoPad Piano
060: D12 GruvFMRhod Piano
061: D13 PianoSynvoice Piano
062: D14 PianoFuture Piano
063: D15 EP2310 Piano
064: D16 ChorusDyno Piano
065: E1 KeyArp Mutey Piano
066: E2 KeyBell DX E.PIANO
067: E3 ChorusCP80 E.PIANO
068: E4 Piano DX27 E.PIANO
069: E5 UprtPiano DX27 E.PIANO
070: E6 Analog Piano E.PIANO
071: E7 PeepWoody E.PIANO
072: E8 Piano Synthetic E.PIANO
073: E9 EeepPeep E.PIANO
074: E10 ElectroPiano 2 E.PIANO
075: E11 OldElectro E.PIANO
076: E12 Vintage'82 E.PIANO
077: E13 Comp EP/Organ/Clav E.PIANO
078: E14 R&B EP+DX E.PIANO
079: E15 CP EP1979 E.PIANO
080: E16 Wurli200A E.PIANO
081: F1 SwirlyRhds E.PIANO
082: F2 WurliAmped E.PIANO
083: F3 Hard Vintage E.PIANO
084: F4 CheapEP E.PIANO
085: F5 CheapDX E.PIANO
086: F6 HipWahEP E.PIANO
087: F7 Pure Keys E.PIANO
088: F8 KeySatEP E.PIANO
089: F9 SatelFlang E.PIANO
090: F10 Rock EP+DX E.PIANO
091: F11 HopWahEP E.PIANO
092: F12 Strong Vintage E.PIANO
093: F13 Straight P25+AS2 E.PIANO
094: F14 Hollow Brite Clavi E.PIANO
095: F15 Hipsi PianoEP E.PIANO
096: F16 Clavitouch Wah E.PIANO
097: G1 DigiClav E.PIANO
098: G2 ClaviHip E.PIANO
099: G3 Richy Keys E.PIANO
100: 4 Sweetness E.PIANO
101: G5 Keyphone E.PIANO
102: G6 Crunchy Bass E.PIANO
103: G7 EPPhaze DX DIGITAL
104: G8 OldkeysDX DIGITAL
105: G9 Keyz DX1 DIGITAL
106: G10 Airwave DIGITAL
107: G11 Airwave2 DIGITAL
108: G12 Ep BassMallet DIGITAL
109: G13 PulseSus DIGITAL
110: G14 SkyChoir DIGITAL
111: G15 Angel SkyEyes DIGITAL
112: G16 SweetLand DIGITAL
113: H1 Low Edge DIGITAL
114: H2 Press keyFM DIGITAL
115: H3 Shunth DIGITAL
116: H4 Fluid DIGITAL
117: H5 Light Paxs DIGITAL
118: H6 Icing DIGITAL
119: H7 Westerlies DIGITAL
120: H8 Iti dream DIGITAL
121: H9 Vintagekey DX1 DIGITAL
122: H10 OldkeysDX1 DIGITAL
123: H11 Light Keys DIGITAL
124: H12 Maskara DIGITAL
125: H13 GX1 DIGITAL
126: H14 Ep3 ArpDX DIGITAL
127: H15 Per Pad AF1 DIGITAL
128: H16 RandomBell DIGITAL

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