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SCL029 - Porcupine Tree Cover Pack - SH-201

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Added by Judoludo


This collection contains 20 patches for SH-201 by Roland®, inspired by the most famous sounds of Porcupine Tree.

Patches List :
A1. PT Arriving Intro
A2. PT Arriving Strings
A3. PT Anesthetize Bells
A4. PT Bonnie the Pad
A5. PT Choir
A6. PT Choir 2
A7. PT Dark FX
A8. PT Dark Leader
B1. PT Dark Leader 2
B2. PT Dark Organ
B3. PT Dark Padder
B4. PT Lead of Muzak
B5. PT MelloFlute
B6. MelloStr
B7. MelloStr2
B8. Open FX
C1. Pluckest Eyes
C2. Halo Solo
C3. Shakesthetize
C4. Stringsetize


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