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SCL015 - Piano A'S Collection - Korg Nautilus Series
SCL015 - Piano A'S Collection - Korg Nautilus Series
SCL015 - Piano A'S Collection - Korg Nautilus Series
SCL015 - Piano A'S Collection - Korg Nautilus Series
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SCL015 - Piano A'S Collection - Korg Nautilus Series

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Added by Rsfelicio


I really like to say thank you for using “RSF Piano AS” for Korg Nautilus Series and I hope
that these Multisamples, Programs and Combinations would be useful for you.
Before you load, be sure your Kronos has operating system version 2.1.1 or higher installed and
I’d suggest you to save a full backup to avoid accidentally overwriting your sounds (PCG).
The full package requires 3.2Gb of disc space on the internal SSD, and must have 104Mb of
RAM free to load into virtual memory.

About this Package
The “RSF PIANO AS” has 10 Layers, building without softwares or conversions, so the 97 notes
was created on Kronos note by note, layer by layer with no loops (Range C0 a C7)
The ”RSF PIANO AS”, provides 15 PROGs (RSF PIANO sample based), 59 PROGs (EPs, Pads,
Strings, and others based on internal Kronos Multisample) and 10 COMBI.

The Program List:

Piano AS 1 ⇒ A.Piano
Piano AS 2 ⇒ A.Piano
Piano AS 3 ⇒ A.Piano
Piano AS 4 ⇒ A.Piano
Piano AS 5 ⇒ A.Piano
Piano AS 6 ⇒ A.Piano
Piano AS 7 ⇒ A.Piano
Piano AS 8 ⇒ A.Piano
Piano AS 9 ⇒ A.Piano
Piano AS 10 ⇒ A.Piano
Piano AS 11 ⇒ A.Piano
Piano AS 12 ⇒ A.Piano
Piano AS 13 ⇒ A.Piano
Piano AS 14 ⇒ A.Piano
Piano AS 15 ⇒ A.Piano
FM EP ⇒ Synth E.Piano
Suit EP ⇒ E.Piano
E.Piano+Pad ⇒ Synth E.Piano
Bells ⇒ Bell
Pad EP ⇒ Synth E.Piano
YEP's 1 ⇒ Synth E.Piano
YEP's 2 ⇒ Synth E.Piano
YEP's 3 ⇒ Synth E.Piano
Dyno Piano ⇒ Real E.Piano
E.Bass ⇒ E.Bass
Bass Solo ⇒ A.Bass
Guitar 1 ⇒ A.Guitar
Guitar 2 ⇒ A.Guitar
Guitar 3 ⇒ A.Guitar
Strings 1 ⇒ Ensemble
Strings 2 ⇒ Ensemble
Slow ⇒ Ensemble
Movie ⇒ Ensemble
Stac Strings ⇒ Ensemble
Warm PAD ⇒ SlowSynth
Gospel Pad ⇒ SlowSynth
Vocals ⇒ Vocal
Chord STR ⇒ Ensemble
Chord Stereo ⇒ Ensemble
Chord Pad ⇒ SlowSynth

The Combinations List:

U-G000 ⇒ AP+Dx+Pad => Karma
U-G001 ⇒ AP+Pad => Karma
U-G002 ⇒ AP+Pad2 => Karma
U-G003 ⇒ Piano1 => Karma
U-G004 ⇒ AP / Bass
U-G005 ⇒ Chords
U-G006 ⇒ This => B4/C5/F5/D5
U-G007 ⇒ Slow Strings
U-G008 ⇒ Orch
U-G009 ⇒ DX + Sax

Additional technical information:

- Kronos OS 2.1.1 or higher
- 3.4 GB on SSD;
- 103 mb on RAM (load as "virtual memory");
- 10 Layers, created without conversion and using Kronos Sampling Mode;
- 97 individual notes per layer (range C0 to C7) with no loops.


Korg ® is a registered trademark of Korg Inc which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for



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