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PCL004 - Definitive Black & White Piano - Yamaha MONTAGE / M
PCL004 - Definitive Black & White Piano - Yamaha MONTAGE / M
PCL004 - Definitive Black & White Piano - Yamaha MONTAGE / M
PCL004 - Definitive Black & White Piano - Yamaha MONTAGE / M
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PCL004 - Definitive Black & White Piano - Yamaha MONTAGE / M

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Added by Pacolab

Definitive Black & White Piano is a sound bank designed for those who demand the best from their Yamaha MONTAGE / M for piano and electric piano sounds. The sounds are inspired by the most prestigious brands in the sector: Steinway, Petrof, Rhodes, Wurlitzer and many others... over 4gb of High Quality samples !
Patched and performed by Pacolab.


Patches List:
Alicia Grand PL (516 mb)
The incredible sound of the Yamaha C3 "100th anniversary", specifically prepared for "Alicia". Warm, important and harmonious sound.

BaldUpWin PL (414 mb)
Upright piano from the early 1900s sampled with “exposed” hammers, just to capture all the nuances of this extraordinary instrument. Not just for ragtime or stride piano, especially on pop, latin and jazz.

C-Seven Grand PL (426 mb)
Yamaha C7 Grand Piano from the early 1980s. A piano sound practically suitable for playing everything from classical music to jazz, from pop to Latin. The right balance of PERFECT piano sound, not too bright, neither too dark, always with great presence and depth.

Italian Piano PL (430 mb)
Superb all-Italian pride, this is probably the most desired piano in the world. Very full-bodied and round sound. Between a Steinway and a Yamaha. Suitable for any musical genre.

LA Rhodes PL (422 mb)
Wonderful Rhodes MKV with the very rare Peterson Preamp. Incredibly deep and three-dimensional sound, suitable for westcoast music of the early 80s, but also for neo soul or the most current R&B. All the most iconic effects are already set in the assignable controls.

Petroph Upright PL (441 mb)
Typical "student piano", ideal for any production with a "vintage" and retro flavor, whether pop or jazz, up to classical music. A nostalgic and melancholic sound, indispensable in the arsenal of the modern pianist / keyboard player.

Pianeth PL (31 mb)
Particular sound halfway between a Wurly and a Rhodes. Fantastic on the r & b, Neo Soul, funk.

Rhodes MkI PL (392 mb)
The electric piano par excellence coupled to its most faithful companion: the Twin Reverb '67 amp. Sound essential in funk and pop since the early 70s, it still retains all its unchanged charm. All the most used effects are already set in the assignable controls.

Rhodes MkII PL (128 mb)
Electric piano sound tends to be darker and warmer, but always deep and exciting. Classic Mark II sampled after passing in a "top end" tube preamp.

SteinNewWay D PL (300 mb)
The piano born for jazz but which lends itself well to practically EVERYTHING, thanks to its typical brilliance on the "highs", incredible presence and very low and "warm" basses.

Wurly 140B PL (342 mb)
The real Wurlitzer sound, late 60s, prior to the 200A. A Very incisive, present and scratchy sound. Superb on funk, r & b, jazz, neo soul. Every little nuance has been captured. Possibility of various controls in realtime, including the possibility to switch from a live sound or inside a tube amp.

Patitucci Bass
Patitucci Funk
Upright Bass
Wurly 140B Light Pl
Melodica PL

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