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PCL003 - Sexy Funk Library - Nord Stage 3 ( 16 presets )
PCL003 - Sexy Funk Library - Nord Stage 3 ( 16 presets )
PCL003 - Sexy Funk Library - Nord Stage 3 ( 16 presets )
PCL003 - Sexy Funk Library - Nord Stage 3 ( 16 presets )
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PCL003 - Sexy Funk Library - Nord Stage 3 ( 16 presets )

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Added by Pacolab

Hot sounds with ambient hues. Bring out the best out of your Nord Stage 3, convolving the classic taste of funk (incredible winds and keyboards with vintage style environment) with modern keyboards that wink both to famous R'n B sounds and black music.
Patched and performed by Pasquale Paco Carrieri.

"This library is a collection of programs and samples organized in separate bundles"


Patches List :

70's Grand:

An old style Gandpiano with EQ, Vibe, lower optional Speaker, and a vibraphone with tremolo effect.

Hairy Rhodes:

Percussive Rhodes close to the "Dyno", useful for early 90's funk. Optional autopan, phaser and a analog pad on the lower section.

Horny Wurly:

Big presence Piano Wurlitzer with Tremolo, drive, EQ on the upper section; B3 full drawbars on the lower section.

CP Memories:

Classic CP Grandpiano Cp with EQ, Chorus, Comp on  the upper section and a classic Strings Ensemble tone on the lower section.

Clavy layer:

Aggressive Clavinet D6 with EQ, Drive, Wah and a synth piano player.

Organ maniac:

Warm and very thin Hammond, split with lower manual.

Meat Organ Split:

Hammond organ on the upper section with Rotary, Delay, EQ and a Rhodes with phaser effect on the lower.

In depth to DX:

Piano DX with chorus e compressor with the possibility to add Fairlight Choir.

HammerBass Rhodes:

Split with Rhodes on the upper section and synth bass on the lower section.

Hot Organ:

Very warm and defined Hammond on the upper section and a real pedal bass on the lower.

Hot Rhodes Split:

Scratchy and distorted rhodes on the upper section and a warm organ pad on the lower.

Moog lead to Rhodes:

Great minimoog simulation on the upper section and a rhodes with autopan effect on the lower.

Tinto’s Brass:

Powerful and warm polybrass tone, in combination with a piano on the upper section.

Only percussion:

A simple and warm percussive organ layer, eq edited, and a rhodes sound on the lower section.

Malizia’s Theme:

Lounge dry organ with clav layer on the upper section.

Harpsichord Dream:

Clav sound with Toy Piano Layer.

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