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PC4026 - SC Sounds Free Sound From K2600 - Kurzweil PC4 Series

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40 programs originating entirely from the original K2600 "Best Of Vast". The Keymaps and the algorithms imported from K2600 are identical both on K2600 and K2700. The only difference you will notice is the different FX chain.
The KDFX structure is different but, in order to keep the same taste of sound we created a "General FX Chain" for all the sounds, where you can modify Filters, Chorus, Flanger, Delay and Reverb, with all related feedback and tempo parameters. Enjoy !


Sound Banks recommended by KURZWEIL

Patches List:

4096 Concert Grand 1
4097 Stereo Solo Pno
4098 Piano & Strings
4099 Pno & Synth Strings
4100 Rock Grand
4101 Dyn EPiano
4102 Studio Class Ep
4103 The Phase EP
4104 Classic FM EPno
4105 Funk Clav
4106 VAST B3
4107 Gospel Organ
4105 Overdrive Organ
4109 Chorus Organ
4110 Chapel Organ
4111 Fast Strings
4112 Ster Slo Strings
4113 Solo Arco Violin
4114 Pachelbel Strings
4115 Grand Strings
4116 Cathedral Voices
4117 Unearthly Vox
4118 Air Voices
4119 CathdrVox8veVox
4120 Choir Strings
4121 Aron’s Finale
4122 Fiery Orchestra
4123 TotalCntrl Orch3
4124 Steel Str Guitar
4125 12 Str Guitar
4126 Nylon Gtr & Str
4127 Jazz Archtop Gtr
4128 Slow Chorus Gtr
4129 Tele in Room
4130 Spark Guitar
4131 String Bass
4132 Warm Bass 1
4133 Pick It Bass
4134 Dual Bass Guitar
4135 Moogy Bass Guitar
4136 Mono Bass
4137 The Bee This MW
4138 Sequenting
4139 Liquid LT Lead

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