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OTL056 - Hollywood - Synapse Audio Dune 3 ( 50 presets )

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SKU: OTL056-synapse
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Massive drums, extraordinary strings, ancient ethnic and orchestral instruments, mysterious atmospheres and soundscapes, bright leads and ringing bells, – you will find all this diversity in the new “Hollywood” soundset for the great software synthesizer, DUNE 3! Using hybrid technologies, we offer unique sounds that are only found in this product pack!

LFO Store’s leading sound designer, Otto K. Schwarz, prepared an exclusive sample-based soundset with advanced modulation techniques and live recorded samples. Each preset has modulation wheel assigned (and most expression- and velocity-assigned as well) and allows you to modulate and customize the sounds deeply, to the needs of your own musical works.

These sounds are suitable for both studio work and live performances, and may be used in the different styles of music – ambient, new age, cinematic, electronic dance music and so on.

Prepare yourself for the cinematic musical experience that will give you many new discoveries and insights!


In this soundset you will find 50 ready-to-use presets: 6 ARPs, 8 Atmospheres, 2 Drones, 18 Instruments (Bells, Plucks), 4 Leads, 7 Pads (Strings), 1 Piano, 6 Voices.

All presets are royalty-free.


Dune 3® is a registered trademark of Synapse Audio Software which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for