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OTL020 - Space Explorations - Reveal Sound Spire ( 64 Presets )
OTL020 - Space Explorations - Reveal Sound Spire ( 64 Presets )
OTL020 - Space Explorations - Reveal Sound Spire ( 64 Presets )
OTL020 - Space Explorations - Reveal Sound Spire ( 64 Presets )
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OTL020 - Space Explorations - Reveal Sound Spire ( 64 Presets )

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LFO.Store proudly presents a brand new soundset for Reveal Sound SPIRE synthesizer by a well-known sound designer Otto K. Schwarz.
This is the first soundset that uses most of 1.5.11 Spire features, including new amazing reverbs, and full of incredible sounds that will bring any composition and creative idea to life!
Fasten your seat belts and get ready for breathtaking sounds, including leads with echoes of other civilizations' voices; pads from the cosmic abyss; plucks, saturated with the radiance of the distant stars; flying over asteroids arpeggios, and much more!
Whether you're creating ambient, EDM, soundtracks or experimental music, this collection of sounds will always be at your service... 64 new patches !


Patches List:
ARP Anticipation
ARP Counting stars
ARP Dimensions
ARP Miracles
ARP Moon landing
ARP Orbiting
ARP Phantoms
ARP Space swirls
ARP Strangers
ARP Synth era
ARP Tatooine
ARP Traveller
LD Call of eternity
LD Distant lands
LD Distant orbit
LD Ephilion's voice
LD Forgotten habitats
LD Higher dimension
LD Ivalice wolrd
LD Ocean of emotions
LD Space guitar
LD Strange worlds
LD Tibetan voice
LD Unknown species
LD Vocalize
PD Aurora borealis
PD Biospheres
PD Body of light
PD Constellations
PD Darth Vader
PD Die Schonheit
PD Electromagnetism
PD Ephilionland
PD Falling stars
PD Higher beings
PD Invisible planets
PD Lost signals
PD Moonlight
PD Old satellites
PD Pandora
PD Reflections
PD Researchers
PD Revelation
PD Rising waves
PD Sacred mist
PD Silent asteroids
PD Sky observations
PD Space reefs
PD Spira world
PD Time travel
PD Tranquil state
PD Warm dreams
PD Wedding
PL Back to Japan
PL Chicane
PL Gagarin
Pl Sweet path
PL Under the sun
PL Van Dyk
PL Warmness
SQ Adventures
SQ Flying saucer
SQ Serious games
Spire ® is a registered trademark of Reveal Sound which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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