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OTL002 - Divina - Korg Modwave

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The sound design bestseller is now available for Korg Modwave ! The best presets are brought together to give a new life to a powerful synthesizer! New performances, new samples, newideas, - even more amazing than the original "Divina" for the Wavestate ! 
In this soundbank, the well-known sound designer Otto K. Schwarz shares 40 exclusive performances, including multi-layered atmospheric pads, uplifting chorales, shimmering arpeggios and cosmic leads, experimental hybrid instruments and voices!
Each preset has modwheel and X/Y pad assigned, which allows you to deeply modulate and customize the sounds to the needs of your own musical works. This soundbank is suitable for both studio work and live performances, as well as for different styles of music - ambient, new age, cinematic, electronic dance music and so on.
Despite all the turbulent processes taking place in the world, in each of us remains the power of faith and our inner divinity, which leads us through the forest of circumstances and shadow reflections. And music can be the beautiful expression of inner strength, freedom and our core values.
Explore the world of layered presets for your favourite Korg Modwave synthesizer and let your musical compositions reach a new quality level!

Suitable for both hardware & software (native) versions.

This soundset includes:
40 performances: 6 ARPs, 4 Choirs, 1 Orch, 16 Pads, 3 Pianos, 4 Synths & 6 Voices. All presets are royalty-free.
♫ Sample bank of 200+ Mb (external samplebank should be loaded into the synth and stored in the settings).
♫ Instructions are included.

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May the Power and Inspiration be with you !


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