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LFO161 - Retro Future - Behringer Pro-800 ( 64 presets )
LFO161 - Retro Future - Behringer Pro-800 ( 64 presets )
LFO161 - Retro Future - Behringer Pro-800 ( 64 presets )
LFO161 - Retro Future - Behringer Pro-800 ( 64 presets )
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LFO161 - Retro Future - Behringer Pro-800 ( 64 presets )

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We are continuing a new series of banks for Behringer Pro-800.

Welcome to “Retro-Future” Soundset with 64 handrcrafted alive sounds onboard!

Behringer Pro-800 is a powerful synthesizer with huge potential and an incredible variety of sounds, this time we will dive into the world of pulsations, modulations and vintage feel.

Suited for all modern genres of electronic music: retrowave, ambient, trance, house, classic electronica, downtempo.

Nearly all our patches utilize the Mod wheel or / and aftertouch for expressive sounds — make sure to always try them when checking out the patches.

Instructions are included.

Made By Sebastian Cordoves.

Expressive Alive Leads
Beautiful Strings & Pads
Modular-Like Sequences
Cinematic Landscapes
Plucks & Poly’s FX

Patches List:
D00 Polysynth 1
D01 Polysynth 2
D02 Polysynth 3
D04 Polysynth 4
D05 Sweep Pad 1
D06 Sweep Pad 2
D07 Sweep Pad 3
D08 Slow Pad 3
D09 Sweep Pad 4
D10 Slow Pad 4
D11 Light Strings
D12 Full Strings 1
D13 Flashback Pad
D14 Pulsar Pad
D15 Granular Pad 1
D16 Granular Pad 2
D17 Octaves Pad 1
D18 Octaves Pad 2
D19 Cold Pad 1
D20 Digi Synth 1
D21 Hard Synth 1
D22 Fat Poly 1
D23 Fat PWM 1
D24 Unison Lead 1
D25 Unison Lead 4
D26 Trance Lead 1
D27 Spooky Ghost
D28 FM Wow 1 SB
D29 FM Wow 2 SB
D30 Water Trumpet 1
D31 Bright Stab 1
D32 Brass Stab 1
D33 That Hill Brass
D34 Metallic Brass
D35 Big Chord 1
D36 Chord Stab 1
D37 Chord Seq 1
D38 Seq Bass 2
D39 Uni Bass 1
D40 Uni Bass 3
D41 Bass Lead Plk1
D42 Bass Lead Plk2
D43 Bass Lead Plk3
D44 Offbeat Bass 1

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