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LFO160 - Linear Legacy - D-20 ( 64 presets )
LFO160 - Linear Legacy - D-20 ( 64 presets )
LFO160 - Linear Legacy - D-20 ( 64 presets )
LFO160 - Linear Legacy - D-20 ( 64 presets )
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LFO160 - Linear Legacy - D-20 ( 64 presets )

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Also Working: D-5,D-10,D-110 Models

Welcome to the Linear Legacy series of soundsets!

We continue the series with Roland D-20 © synthesizer (D50/05 are on the way)

Roland D-20 is a great machine & hidden treasure for sountracks & ambient soundscapes.

64 most beautiful, warm, analog & deep sounds immediately ready to go in your sound production.

All the sounds are handmade & reacting on velocity & modulation wheel.

From Ambient & Electronica to SynthWave & SynthPop with benefits of phazeDistortion synthesis.

Made by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of “Organica” for Waldorf Blofeld & “WS Universe” for Korg Wavestation.

Enjoy and may the music come with you !



Massive strings
Evolving cosmic pads & drones
Beautiful sharp plucks & poly
Big Basses
Cinematic brasses
Iconic Synth Emulations

Patches List:
NK Entrance
NK Fragments
NK Perimeters
NK Enigma
NK Palmer
NK Mental
NK PolyKeys
NK Retro
NK DetunedBass
NK Jupiter
NK FuturePop
NK SoundWall
NK Envelope
NK BigPoly
NK Sweep
NK ResoPluck
NK DelayedPI
NK Gladiator
NK LeadBell
NK A Garden
NK Landscape
NK Complex
NK BigPoly2
NK PluckStr
NK Mental
NK Mental2
NK Complex2
NK Warmth
NK Warm PI
NK Q Rise PI
NK Prophets
NK VCO String
NK Slowly
NK Detuned
NK Wide String
NK 7Th World
NK Matrix6
NK Seq Bell
NK Morpho
NK Idm Pluck
NK Huge Poly
NK Matrix1000
NK Square Poly
NK Saw Poly
NK Ost String
NK Oblivion
NK Overtones
NK Polyphonia
NK Polyphonia 2
NK Ice Cubes
NK Ice Cubes 2
NK King Pluck
NK Soft Green
NK Bella Clock
NK Big One
NK Brass
NK Wavestation
NK Universe
NK Low Vco
NK Exit

Roland ® is a registered trademark of Roland Corporation which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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