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LFO018 - Cosmica - 64 Ambient Presets - Korg Microkorg XL / XL +
LFO018 - Cosmica - 64 Ambient Presets - Korg Microkorg XL / XL +
LFO018 - Cosmica - 64 Ambient Presets - Korg Microkorg XL / XL +
LFO018 - Cosmica - 64 Ambient Presets - Korg Microkorg XL / XL +
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LFO018 - Cosmica - 64 Ambient Presets - Korg Microkorg XL / XL +

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Welcome to the “Cosmica” soundset for the Korg MicroKorg XL / XL +. We discovered that MicroKorg is a great machine for hi quality ambient sounds.
64 most beautiful, warm, analog & deep sounds immediately ready to go in your sound production including: massive string, CS spirit strings, evolving cosmic pads & drones,beautiful sharp plucks & poly, motion arps, sequences.

Patches List:

B11 Venus Eye – Soft evolving Pad with slow mod on the MW
B12 Majestic – Cinematic massive string with very sensitive velocity on keys
B13 Dao Keys – Lo-fi keys with reducer, MW closing filter smoothly
B14 Big One – Big string sound, MW closing filter
B15 Dropz – Sky drops with synthwave-feel modulation.
B16 Dusty – Very expressive cinematic string with vintage feel
B17 CS Vox – Majestic and expressive poly, reminds vintage CS sereis
B18 Epica – Epic string, slowly opening, MW adding expression

B21 Gladiator – Massive synth string with an “BladeRunner” feel
B22 Tyrel – Evolving 2 layer pad, MW opens filter
B23 Angels – Voice like string with porta effect & vibrato on MW
B24 Astronaut – Cosmic pluck, slowly evolving, MW adding reso shine
B25 Cobalt – Sensitive velocity pluck with distorted feedback.
B26 Orbital – Poly key sound, MW adds legato
B27 Drift – Poly string, MW smooths the attack
B28 Arpology – Rhytmic passage, MW opens filter

B31 Indigo – Big poly keys, MW adding power to the sound.
B32 Arms – Rhytmic & sharp cinematic arp, MW closing filter
B33 Echoes – Signals from the past with a huge tale, MW adding distortion
B34 Beauty Pluck – Rich classic pluck
B35 Blue Sky – Great Ambient landscape, drifting & evolving
B36 Crystal – Beautiful bell arp, reminds Crystal Lake by Klauss Schulze
B37 Orbital – Slowly evolving pad with white wind coming & going, MW adds slow vibe
B38 Mountain – Gorgeous string with synth-wave vibe on MW

B41 Lands – Big landscape sounds with added metallic on MW
B42 Monks – Vowel pad of far mountains, MW opens sound
B43 2Worlds – Layered arp and pad sound, MW adds ring mod
B44 Oberheim – String sounds detuned and panned like OB-XA
B45 Galactic – Beautiful immersive space pad, MW opens its soul
B46 Morpho – Rhytmic arp, MW adding morphing
B47 Steps – Polyphonic step sequence from the other galaxy
B48 Destiny – Rich String, with mod on MW

B51 Meteor – Evolving arp reminds classic MS2000 preset sound
B52 Fairy Tale – Bell arp in swing with opening eyes on MW
B53 Warmer – Rich interval string for science fiction soundtrack
B54 Slow Pad – Beautiful phased movement, MW add - octave
B55 Lunar – Arp overdriven sound with sharp attack and MW morph
B56 Blue Bell – Slow arp with morphing on MW
B57 Dragon – Harmonic string sound with interval on MW
B58 AN1X – Random arp sound with added movement on MW, reminds Yamaha AN-1X

B61 Landscape – Beautiful ambient landscape with vibrato on WM
B62 Solar – Arp drops with shorten decay with MW on
B63 Sequence – Wavetable sequence, MW adding deepness
B64 Saint – Beautiful organ-like pad with MW adding brightness.
B65 Drifting – Poly pluck with dreamy character, MW adding edge
B66 Saturn – Cosmic arp, MW cancelling arp, 2 layers
B67 Myriads – Idm poly pluck
B68 Dusty Pad – Authentic pitched string, MW adding vibrato

B71 Odyssey – Dynamic & modulating arp, MW adds dissonance
B72 Earth Pad – Smooth moving landscape, MW adds deepness
B73 Deckard – Slow detuned string with vibrato on MW
B74 Apollo 11 – Cosmic pad with movement & pan modulation
B75 Nasa – Hypnotic slow string, MW adds character
B76 Voices – Classic voice pad, MW adds vibe
B77 Random – Random arp with multi octave setting, MW closing the sound
B78 Mental – Fast hypnotic arp, modular vibe, MW makes miracles

B81 Sparkles - Slowly evolving pad with glass vibe, MW modulates filter
B82 Centauri – space pluck with 2 layers – sharp pluck & soft pad
B83 Mission – Cinematic sequence with slowly modulated filter
B84 Edem – Modular sequence with MW adding fast vibrato
B85 Stalaktit – Very slow opening landscape, MW opens filter
B86 Metallic – Dynamic arp with the feeling of metal drops
B87 Pulse – Nice progressive poly sequence for chord playing
B88 Duality – The most complex arp structure in the set, 2 layers, MW wets the attack

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