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LFO010 - Myriads - Roland Jupiter X / Xm

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“Myriads” is a first chapter from our Jupiter X/Xm preset series. Jupiter X/Xm is a complex machine containing all Roland®'s best & historical synths in one portable and affordable combine !
We had put all our effort for the “Myriads” and make 53 massive & deep tones with velocity & mod wheel controllers approved.
Also we made special EQ settings – These settings are giving more vintage and warm tone.
Our presets are ready to go in your tracks in every genre of modern electronic music. 


Tones List:

NK Yellow Pad 1
NK Summer Pluck 2
NK Bob Lead 3
SR Trance Pluck 4
SR Old Brass 5
NK 80s Pluck 6
SR Future Pluck 7
NK Power Lead 8
SR Future Pad 9
NK Memories Pad 10
SR Karma Pad 11
SR Vanilla Keys 12
SR Shadow Pad 13
NK Star Arp – Arp On(Up 16th)/Beat Off 14
NK Light Arp – Arp On(Up 16th)/Beat Off 15
NK Destiny String 1
NK Moon Pluck 2
NK Magic Pad 3
SR Poly80 Pad 4
SR Bomb Bass 5
SR Spark Pad 6
NK Neon Pad 7
NK Dive Pluck 8
NK CS80 Brass 9
SR Blade Pad 10
SR Jarre Lead 11
SR Monsta Lead 12
SR Action Arp – Arp On(Up 16th)/Beat Off 13
NK Goa Lead 14
SR Cyber Lead 15
SR Sky Pluck 16
NK Prog Arp – Arp On(Up 16th)/Beat Off 1
SR Funk Lead 2
SR City Pad 3
NK Polar Arp – Arp On(Up 16th)/Beat Off 4
SR Lazer Lead 5
SR Moogy Bass 6
SR Flash Arp – Arp On(Up 16th)/Beat Off 7
NK Heat Bass 1
NK Massive Bass 2
NK Unity Bass 3
SR Dark Bass 4
SR Cyber Bass 5
SR Classic Bass 6
NK Star Arp – Arp On(Up 16th)/Beat Off 7
NK Lazer Lead 8
NK Organic Lead 9
SR Future Arp – Arp On(Up 16th)/Beat Off 10
SR Neon Lead 11
SR Sacral Lead 12

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