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LFO003 - Organica - Novation Summit / Peak ( 32 presets )

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Alive rhythmic passages, evolving cosmic sounds, edge big solo’s, moving plucks – all is here with organic feel.

“Organica” soundset contains 32 handcrafted sounds:

This sound bank combines organic analog sounds with complex sequences and modulations.

Therefore, these 32 presets have a wide range of applications, and can be used for ambient, electronic or cinematic/OSTs, as well as for electronic dance music such as trance, techno.

Welcome to the world of true analog sound, full of powerful basses, amazing leads, extraordinary sequences and much more!

Handcrafted presets with velo/animate/controllers assigned sounds truly organic & alive.
Instructions for installation are included & its easy.

Soundtrack with cyberpunk atmosphere, synthwave track, ambient & electronica vibes can be easily created with our sounds.

Nick Klimenko prepared for us a stunning soundbank for one of the most authentic synths of our time – Novation Peak !


Beautiful & massive Strings
Lushiest & Biggest ambient Pads & Drones
Deep & monster Basses in various styles
Organic Big Cinematic Arps
Groovebox style Sequences
Big edge & classic Leads
Big atmospheric plucks & poly’s

Patches List:
NK Brighter!
NK Careful!!
NK Craters
NK CS-60
NK Digico
NK EagleView
NK Follower
NK Geiger
NK Harpic
NK Imagination
NK Layered
NK Lifty
NK Majesty
NK Mod Move
NK Momentum
NK Myriads
NK Oblivion
NK Organism
NK Oxyd
NK Slower
NK Strain
NK Sub Anger
NK Vectority
NK Waldorf Q
NK Wavestate
NK DarKnight
NK DeeperState
NK Edge
NK Momentum2
NK MW Bomb
NK PolyOrganic
NK WTDarkness


Novation ® is a registered trademark of Focusrite which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for