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LFO002 - Cinematica - JD-XA ( 48 presets )

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Finally, we put our hands & eyes on Roland®’s most complex modern machine – JD-XA!
By many asks, “Cinematica” soundset is here and features: beautiful deep pads & atmospheres, massive cinematic strings, detuned basses, various arps & sequences, plucks, very alive and expressive leads, poly’s... 48 new sounds !


Patches List:

A1 Post Pluck (arp)
A2 Taurus (arp)
A3 Sonar (arp)
A4 Trisha (poly)
A5 Islands (pad)
A6 Red (pad)
A7 Ice (pad)
A8 Led (pad)
A9 Per (pad)
A10 Bone Crush (arp)
A11 Crush (arp)
A12 Mono Brush (arp)
A13 Juno Crush (arp)
A14 Tech Crush (arp)
A15 OST Crush (arp)
A16 Danger Crush (arp)
B1 Id Code (pad)
B2 Tis Code (pad)
B3 Ice Code (pad)
B4 ZZ Cut (arp)
B5 YY Cut (arp)
B6 XX Cut (arp)
B7 Stick Bass (bass)
B8 Sequence Bass (seq)
B9 Stick Lead (lead)
B10 Over Lead (lead)
B11 Ila Note (pad)
B12 CS Code (brass)
B13 CS-80 Pd (brass)
B14 Soundtrack
B15 Soundtrack2
B16 Soundtrack3
D1 Sync2 (pluck)
D2 Sync1 (arp)
D3 H Sync3 (arp)
D4 g Sync4 (arp)
D5 f Sync5 (arp)
D6 e Sync6 (arp)
D7 d Sync7 (arp)
D8 c Sync8 (arp)
D9 Re Files (pad)
D10 Re Files2 (pad)
D11 Re Files3 (pad)
D12 G Sweep Xpnd (pad)
D13 Re Files4 (pad)
D14 re Files5 (pad)
D15 My Cities (arp)
D16 Re Files6 (arp)

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