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LFO041 - Ambient Machine - Korg N364 / N264 ( 100 presets )
LFO041 - Ambient Machine - Korg N364 / N264 ( 100 presets )
LFO041 - Ambient Machine - Korg N364 / N264 ( 100 presets )
LFO041 - Ambient Machine - Korg N364 / N264 ( 100 presets )
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LFO041 - Ambient Machine - Korg N364 / N264 ( 100 presets )

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Ambient Machine - Korg N364 / N264 ( 100 presets ) - Description

"Ambient Machine" soundset turning your Korg N364/N264 synth into a complete Amtospheric Engine. It sounds great & non-standard thanks to AI2 synthesis from Korg & modern sound design approach!

"Ambient Machine" soundset contains 100 presets ready to go in your track: Big & Wide Strings, Complex Pads Drones, Plucks & Bells, Unusual polyphonic sounds.

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Ambient Machine Korg N364 N264


Patches List:
NK RedPad
NK AgeTime
NK VitalSaw
NK Member
NK Opened
NK Synthia
NK Cinemat
NK Epic 2
NK Epic
NK Emergen
NK Cavern
NK Spirits
NK Spirits2
NK Orange
NK Blue
NK Cave
NK Bella
NK Grafit
NK Green
NK Yellow
NK Red
NK Black
NK PL Vibe
NK PLVibe2
NK PLVibe3
NK Inter
NK Faded
NK White
NK Purple
NK Obsidia
NK Rise
NK Island
NK Sand
NK Fire
NK Morph
NK Kingdom
NK Lost
NK Lost2
NK Lost3
NK Slow
NK Lost4
NK LostS
NK Nautilu
NK NautHu2
NK Nautilu3
NK Nautilu4
NK NautduS
NK Nautiiu6
NK Nautilu7
NK Tripod
NK Orphic
NK NautiluS
HK Orphic2
NK Orphic3
NK Vox
NK Vox2
NK Equal
NK BuchlaS
NK Buchla4
NK Buchla3
NK Buchla2
NK Buchla
NK Saint8
NK Saint7
NK Saint6
NK Saint5
NK Saint4
NK Saint3
NK Saint2
NK Saint
NK Hold
NK Magica
NK Story
NK Light
NK Light2
NK CosmosS
NK Cosmos4
NK Cosmos3
NK Cosmos2
NK Cosmos
NK Lhasa
NK Lhasa2
NK Isaw
NK Mirror
NK lsaw2
NK lsaw3
NK Myst
NK Myst2
NK Drift
NK Drift2
NK Drift3
NK Squarel
NK Square2
NK Square3
NK Lhasa3
NK Singlel
NK Church
NK Ring

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