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LDX301 - 63 Sounds - Making History Vol. 1 - Korg Kronos Series

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Added by Leadsounds

63 new patches for Korg Kronos. 63 Sounds - Making History Vol.1 features patches inspired by some of the most important songs by rock giants Pink Floyd, Europe, Toto, Michael Jackson, Queen, Muse and many other artists of the 80's and 90's.
The sounds are implemented by features that you can activate in the indicated ways: vector joystick, drum track button, switch 1/2. The samples are associated with the keys indicated in the patches list. Enjoy this extraordinary collection full of hits!
Patched and performed by Alberto Trullu for Leadsounds.



Patches List:
1.Who want to live 4ever (Classic ethereal sounds for close sound song)
2.Africa intro drum Bottom (PRESS DRUMTRACK button for background percussion)
3.Tom Sawyer Synth Bass
4.Escape from NY 1997 (Special Keys E1 (DRUM ), and E7 (Hold pad string sound)
5.Axel F synth Lead
6.Axel Fsynth Bass
7.Axel F Chords
8.Shine Crazy Diamond 
9.Shine on Crazy diamond FULL PAD
10.Organ Left Lead Right (shine on )
11.Organ pad
12.Light Pad Shine End
13.Organ Pad FULL shine
14.TIME (Special E1 and F1 samples)
16.Comfort Numb Intro
17.Comf Numb Strimgs
18.Comf numb orch
19.Show must go on ( drum track are on waiting keyboard B1 press drum track for put off)
20.The Gold Bug (special D2 /G2 mandolin)
21.Stop Loving you (Special E1 Drum key waiting press drum button for put off)
22.The final Countdown
23.The Final Countdown+ORG
24.The final Countdown Stack ( Special Drum track on F#3 on key waiting)
25.Sirius EP PAD (Special E1 Clav loop,E2, F1 guitar chords)
26.Sirius ep Strings (E1 loop clav)
27.Mammagamma Intro (Special E1 reverse cymbal,bass loop from D2)
28.Eye in The Sky EP
29.Broken Wings (Special E1 shake sample, splitted Sound)
30.Billie Jean Intro (Special Drum on keywaiting F#3 Press drum button for disable it)
32.Starlight Intro ( Special A#3 Drum keywait and loop bass in whole octave)
33.Thriller Intro (Special F1 drum loop,G1 e A1 manually star drum)
34.Thriller Main Synth (80 Synth brass)
35.Thrille Sbass Split (Special Drum keywaiting onB1 press drumt for disable it)
36.High Hopes (Special E1 sample)
37.Mamma mia (Special D2/A#1 for loop bass mallets, up section eguitar)
38.Mamma mia (Special D2/A#1 for loop bass mallets, up piano and xylophone)
39.Narcotic Liquido Main Synth
40.Dirty Diana (Special A1 FX Sound)
41.Mercy oct piano
42.Brosnky Beat smalltown
44.Profondo ROSSO (Special A1 Main loop, use sustain pedal )
45.Legendary (Special D#2,F#2,G#2 for main fx and sample)
46.Legendary split
47.Legendary organ piano
48.Legendary (Special D#2,F#2,G#2 for main fx and sample)
49.Legendary split
50.Legendary organ piano
51.Legendary Lead
52.Legendary organ piano
53.Legendary (Special D#2,F#2,G#2 for main fx and sample)
54.Numb (Special C#3 intro fx , F#3 drum track on keywaiting, press DT for disable it)
55.Numb piano pad
56.Numb piano padstring
57.Numb (Special C#3 intro fx , F#3 drum track on keywaiting, press DT for disable it)
58.One Vision Intro (Special E1 SAMPLE,E2 arpeggiator,D3 long string pad)
59.Girl Goodbye (Special B1 bass sample loop,C2, Arpeggios loop,split sounds)
60.Dist Organ
61.Brothers in arms
62.Brothers in arms Pad
63.No Easy TOP (Special E1 loop)

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