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LDX195 - Synth Attack - Waldorf Blofeld / Desktop

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This collection is a comprehensive bank of various kind of sounds such as pads, lead sounds, analog synth... 25 new sounds !
Patched and performed by Enrico Lorenzini.

Patches List: (Bank H)
H001 - AirSyn EL
H002 - StereoFlute EL
H003 - SynPaw EL
H004 - Sueno De Val EL
H005 - Leader Trance EL
H006 - WaldorfClassic EL
H007 - FilterBassGumEL
H008 - Ice Sweep EL
H009 - Italo Disco EL
H010 - Lead Attack EL
H011 - BrasserRoland EL
H012 - 707B.LineModW
H013 - MassiveSaw EL
H014 - FlySynt MW EL
H015 - CardioSyn EL
H016 - Synthendio EL
H017 - ElettroBenny EL
H018 - Tumber EL
H019 - FilterBeam EL
H020 - DreamyDX EL
H021 - Disorder EL
H022 - Pure Lead EL
H023 - Organas EL
H024 - DigitalNoise EL
H025 - Synthopia EL

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