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LDX192 - Monster Pack V3 - Nord Wave ( over 100 presets )
LDX192 - Monster Pack V3 - Nord Wave ( over 100 presets )
LDX192 - Monster Pack V3 - Nord Wave ( over 100 presets )
LDX192 - Monster Pack V3 - Nord Wave ( over 100 presets )
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LDX192 - Monster Pack V3 - Nord Wave ( over 100 presets )

Product SKU: LDX192-nw
For: Nord Wave
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The Nord Wave Monster Pack V3 is a sound library containing sounds of the highest quality for studio productions and live performances: Monster Pack V2 + Sample Upgrade + Synth Legends... over 100 new sounds !



The Nord Wave Monster Pack is a great collection of moving pads, aggressive leads and soft plucked synths. This pack pushes your Nord Wave over the edge of its capabilities. Check the video demo to believe ! 55 new patches !

Patches list and relative samples:
01- Analog Piano
02- WhaWha Lead
03- Chaos Lead
04- Emotion Keys
05- Piano& Strings
06- Dramatron
07- Fusion Lead
08- FM Nitro
09- Under Water
10- Da Funk
11- Strings Theory
12- Koto Choir
13- Artic Noise
14- Dist Pad
15- Delay Dream
16- Vibrant Solo
17- Old School
18- Stickness
19- Eviltronick
20- Shore End
21- Lost in Space
22- Flute Legend
23- Basstroyer
24- Swav Lead
25- Wave Bell
26- Mood Lead
27- Guitar Lead
28- Pulse Attack
29- Clavilead
30- Mellotron
31- Future World
32- Bio Eraser
33- Killer Clav
34- Analog Wurly
35- Trance Power
36- Sync Monster
37- Ancestralead
38- Dubstep
39- Angel Alone
40- The Bass
41- Life Runs
42- Dragon Lead
43- Analog Guitar
44- Far Away
45- Wave Solo
46- Seaguls
47- It s raining
48- Behind you
49- Space Ship
50- Goodbye
51- Monster Lead
52- Power Lead
53- Resosphere 
54- Images Lead
55- Liquid Lead


The Nord Wave Sample Upgrade is a great collection of moving pads, aggressive leads, strings and bass sounds meticulously created using samples of the highest quality... 32 new sounds on about 150 MB new samples !

Patches list and relative samples:
Marcato Str
Perc Squares
Perc Stack
Solina PadB
Solina Pads
Strings Machine
Fast SynthString
Strange Pad
Quadra Pads
Fusion Pad
Jp 5th Resy
Flange Strings
Reso BasS
Chap Org
Stab Synt
Africa Style
Saws of Pads
Choir Strings
Astor Strings
Wizor Plugs
Kasino Fx
Sweeper Atmo
Phazing Clav
Obx Pad
Choir Voices
Choir Syntes
Flute Style
Interior Pad


The NW Synth Legends is a great collection of moving pads, organs, piano synths and clavinet inspired by the legendary synths made by Roland® ... 20 new sounds on about 175 MB new samples !

Patches list and relative samples:
Killer pad
Pulse Pad 
Lovely Vox Pad 
Deep Breath Pad
Pure Glass 
Glass Voices 
Ac Piano Hy 
E Piano
Seq E Piano
Pipe Organ
Att Organ
Cls 222 1 
Cls 222 2 
Ring Organ 
Jazz Organ 
Authentic Harp
Authentic Clav 
Digital Clav 

Brass Power
Classic Lead 1
Classic Lead 2
Classic Lead 3
Classic Wah Lead
Envolop Lead
Impression Lead
Mini Soft Lead
Mono Lead 1
Monolead Delay
Pad Sweep Power

 Nord ® is a registered trademark of Clavia which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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