LDX174 - Massive Synth - Sequential Take 5

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This sound library includes a selection of aggressive leads, rhythmic patterns, LFO patches, atmospheric pads, plucks, deep and evolving soundscapes, arps for film scoring, electronic music, sound design and much more… 66 new sounds patched and performed by Stefano Angiulli and Alex Di Donna.

Patches List:
Dirty bass
Feedback piano
Like Subsonica
Square lead
Lynchian Pad
OST arp
Hard Rhythm
Lost plucks
Trance attack (cut-off)
Schizo arp
Dist perc
Classic lead
JR lead
Harsh flute pad
Tremolo lead
Delay lead
Long attack pad
Hybrid lead
Stab bass
Lfo attack
Mono LFO trip
Filter pad
Simple lead
Tech bass
LFO organ
Acid lead
Regular noise
Filter atmos
8 bit
Soft pluck
Late attack
Ambience Pulse
Psycho Plucks
Angry LFO
Robotic Groove I
New 80'S Waves
Ac Dc Groove
St Thing Arp Intro
Flanged Mood
Jan Hamming
Blooding Ring
Decks Dark
Bad Horn Pipes
GaGa Arp
Jupiter Memories
Dua LipaD
Lfo Pie Pad
Honor Thy Lead
Tension Pad
Robotic Groove II
Feed Backs
Phazed Inspiration
Square Ways
Split Strings
Delay Bells
Pig Groove
Pig Riff
Osi Groove
Expressive Lead
Dw8 Bass Lead

Sequential is is a registered trademark of Sequential LLC which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for