LDX156 - PF Cover Pack - Nord Stage 3

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A collection of sounds inspired by the most famous songs by Pink Floyd, for the Nord Stage 3, 39 new sounds patched by Fabio Piras.

"This Nord library is a collection of programs and samples organized in separate bundles"  


Patches List : 
Shine Lead Intro
Shine intro bell
Shine hammond
Shine ham - lead
Shine Pad - lead
Shine End
Time Intro
Time Piano
Time Pad
Time End
Echoes Piano
Echo Piano org
Echoes Farfisa
Echoes Hamm Driv
Gig In The Sky
Gig In The Sky 2
Money MW
Us and Them Choir
Shine Intro
It's What we do MW*
Any colour lead
Breathe Guitar
A Saucerful
Lost F Words Pad
Coming Back Pad
Cluster One MW
wish you synth
Comfortably 1
Comfortably 2
Have cigar synth
Mother organ
In the flesh 1
In the flesh 2
Hey you el. piano
High hopes
High hopes 2
Another b. Choir
Us And Them Hamm

*MW = modulation wheel

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