LDX140 - SFAM Covers - Kurzweil PC3LE

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Added by Inemokeys 

SFAM COVERS is designed to recreate the sounds of the well known album "Scenes From a Memory"album by Dream Theater. This awesome collection is the result of our programmers experience and therefore subject to customization. All these new sounds are inspired by Jordan Rudess textures made with Kurzweil PC3LE and we tried to reproduce as far as possible these sounds in order to build the final sound of the group. These combinations have been tested by other users with positive feedbacks. The package requires anyway a good knowledge of the parts to run before you can deal with these combinations.

Patched and performed by Inemokeys.


- Regression

- Overture 1928

- Strange Deja Vu

- Through my Words

- Fatal Tragedy

- Bejond this Life

- Through her Eyes

- Home

- The Dance of Eternity

- One Last Time

- The Spirit Carries On

- Finally Free


Kurzweil ® is a registered trademark of Young Chang Co., Ltd. which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for