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LDX134 - Kustom Set MKII - Kurzweil SP4

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SKU: LDX134-sp4

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Here you can find both analog type leads and digital type, from the softest to the heaviest, pads and other sounds... 35 new sounds ready to play.

Patches List:

-Saw Lead
-Saw Lead 2
-Slow Strings
-OLD Liquid T wha (Modulation wheel)
-Beast Organ (legato sound with huge distortion)
-Org Dist2 (Classical good distortion organ)
-PigRiff (like JR original sound)
-BigBand (great brass and string combination in one sound)
-Saw T Lead (Another saw lead)
-Lead inemosaw (soft and aggressive lead)
-pinella  1(symphony x lead)
-Unison Lead (very fast and clear legato lead)
-Fuzz Wha
-OLD liquid T
-WHA GUITAR MW (use Modulation wheel to make blues solo)
-Monster Poly (like trinity derek's lead )
-Guitar Lead Mono
-Overdrive organ
-Rezo Mod wheel
-Soft saw (like pull me under intro)
-Square T lead
-Monster mono
-The Final Countdown (bonus)

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