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LDX133 - Kustom Set - Kurzweil PC3 Series ( 41 presets )

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SKU: LDX133-pc3

Added by Gioj93 


Here you can find both analog type leads and digital type, from the softest to the heaviest, pads and other sounds... 41 new sounds ready to play.

Available on: PC3PC3KPC3A.

Patched and performed by GioJ93 for Leadsounds.

Patches List:
- ResoGliderLead
- SoulKB3
- Super Sync Lead
- Unison
- VelSync
- NewAgePiano
- Runaway
- SyncPad
- SquarePercLead
- ReverseCrashPad
- MovingLead
- SweetSawlead
- Saw Lead
SliderA + MPress: Vibrato
SliderB: Filter resonance
SliderD: Stereo detune
ModWheel + CC Pedal1: Filter cutoff
Sw1 (MIDI 30) + Sw2: Harmonics layers
- Saw Lead2
- Slow Strings
CC Pedal1: Strings layers volume
Sw1 (MIDI30): Ampenv
- Liquid T Wah
CC Pedal1: Wah
- Beast Organ
SliderE + SliderF: Crazy FUN
ModWheel: DistGuitar layer volume
Sw1 (MIDI 30): Fifth note
Sw2: Sync layer volume
CC Pedal1: Harmonics
- Distorsion Organ
- PianoPad
Sw1 (MIDI30) + Sw2: Mute layer
- SuperSyncLead
MPress: Feedback
ModWheel: Feedback harmonics crossfade
Sw1 (MIDI 30): Feedback
- PercLead
CC Pedal1: Wah
- PercLead2
CC Pedal1: Wah
Sw1 (MIDI30): Sync layer volume
- Analog Lead
- Sawnoise
Modwheel: Filter FUN
- Sawbrass
- Sine Lead
Sw1 (MIDI 30): Feedback harmonics layers volume
- SquarePercLead
- PigRiff
- Big Band
- Another Way
- Unison
- SawTLead
- Super Trance Pad
ModWheel: Filter cutoff
- Trance Lead
ModWheel: Filter cutoff
- SupersawDynPad
Velocity: filter cutoff
InvVelocity: filter resonance
ModWheel: filter cutoff
- Soft Reso
Sustain: Harpsichord layer enable
- Percussive

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