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LDX127 - Classic Keys Collection - Yamaha MOX / MOXF ( 50 presets )
LDX127 - Classic Keys Collection - Yamaha MOX / MOXF ( 50 presets )
LDX127 - Classic Keys Collection - Yamaha MOX / MOXF ( 50 presets )
LDX127 - Classic Keys Collection - Yamaha MOX / MOXF ( 50 presets )
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LDX127 - Classic Keys Collection - Yamaha MOX / MOXF ( 50 presets )

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Added by Leadsounds

A collection of 50 new sounds for Your Yamaha Mox and Moxf series. This Collection includes a selection of lead sounds, cover sounds, evolving pads, strings, choirs and texture sounds programmed to provide space for your creativity. Programmed by Alexandros.

Patches List:

Voices: ( User 1 )
A001: Full Concert Grand (Classic Grand Piano)
A002: Rocky AS2 (a Rock organ)
A003: Simple Saw Brass
A004: Final Pad (slow brass pad)
A005: Progressiverock Lead (aggressive lead sound)
A006: Lucky (Moog lead with a lot of portamento)
A007: Fat Saw Arpeggio (arpeggio programmed for the song "No Easy Way Out")
A008: Rock Grand Piano (grand Piano for live situations)
A009: Crunchy Comp (Nice Rhodes Piano)
A010: Medium Hall (Strings)
A011: Separate Ways (Synth split for the Song "Separate Ways"
A012: Summer '69 (synth for the song "Summer of '69)
A013: Pad & Syn
A014: Queens
A015: Deep Distortion (Perfect stranger Organ)
A016: JUMP (Obx synth brass)
B005: SUSPIRIA (bells)
B006: Runaway (Clavi patch for the 1985 version)

Performances: ( User 1 )
A001: Supreme Wyde Synth (a very large synth pad)
A002: Dynamic Strings
A003: J.Lord Beast (trying to emulate Jon Lord)
A004 Fantasy '80 Piano (Electric Piano and pad)
A005: Lake Pad (Pad)
A006: Massive Bell Pad (Bell pad from Trinity patches)
A007: Green Oasis (Motion Synth)
A008: Harpsi and Strings
A009: Grand Live Piano (Rock piano for live situations)
A010: '80 Synth Brass
A011: HereIgoVrs (Vocal Pad)
A012: Still of the Night (bells on the lower notes, strings on the upper. programmed for "Still of the Night" centre part)
A013: Arianes Nighwalk
A014: Final C (final Countdown patch)
A015: Yearn to see you (Slow pad and lead)
A016: Abyss of the Sea
B001: Philarmonic (Grand Orchestra)
B002: Slow Pad Choir
B003: 1984 (Van Halen album intro)
B004: HereIgoInt (Here I go Again intro)
B005: J Cain Piano (Journey piano… Don't Stop Believing and more)
B006: Don't you ("Don't you, forget about me" SPLIT)
B007: HoldtheLin (Toto Piano)
B008: Rebel Yell (Rebel Yell Split)
B009: Alex YMH Lead (My lead on yamaha)
B010: November Rain Split (Patch for november Rain)
B011: G.Piano & Strings (Strings muted by As2)
B012: Symphonic Choir
B013: Digital Synth (AOR synth Bells)
B014: Runaway 2012 (a new patch for Bon Jovi song: inspired by the recent Bon Jovi Live videos)
B015: Lead Air Pad ( huge lead synth)
B016: Clavanator (Funky Clavinet)

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