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LDX123 - Monster Pack V.1 - Yamaha MODX / MODX+

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SKU: LDX123-modx

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A collection of lead sounds for the Yamaha MODX / MODX+ series, includes many patches inspired by Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Toto songs and also some other patches to give you the best live experience... over 1 bank of new sounds !!!

Leads Pack MKIII

A simple "must-have" for every Yamaha MODX owner. It is the best choice for every "virtuoso" keyboard player;  34 new patches programmed by Leadsounds.

Includes many patches inspired by Dream Theater and Pink Floyd songs and also some other patches to give you the best live experience.


PF Cover Pack V3

The Pink Floyd Collection Ver. 3 for Yamaha MODX is an updated Cover Pack suitable to play live the most important songs made by Pink Floyd in their extraordinary career: we added some samples and re-designed patches to give you an excellent sound experience.... 39 new patches ( 38 Performances and 1 Sequence )


One Vision Cover Pack

A collection of 10 new sounds which will help you to cover some famous songs by Queen on your Yamaha MODX. Programmed by Alberto Trullu.


Tron Pack

It is the first collection inspired by the vintage mellotron sounds for your Yamaha MODX. It provides 24 timbres included in the original factory set of this wonderful vintage instrument.


80s Cover Pack

23 new sounds for Yamaha MODX, the most famous keyboard sounds in music history. Programmed by Alberto Trullu.


T9t9 Cover Pack

This pack includes 12 of the most famous sounds you can hear in toto music. It is designed for Yamaha MODX and programmed by Fabio Piras.


Bonus User Bank:

Thinking of you
PWM Leads
Home sitar
DX Synth bell
Kurz Piano
Grand Piano&S
Walk of Life Synth
Walk Of Life Organ
Eye in the sky bass
Hard Strings
On The Backs Intro
Eye Piano Sample
Eye Strings 2 ribbon
Don't You Pad
Don't You brass
Acqua e Sapone Synth
Acqua e Sapone Pad
Final C. Pitch
Final C. Pad
Final C. Brass
Final C. Portamento
Goblin Suspiria
Child in Time
Classic Piano
Classic Piano 2 
Octavarium Pad
Slide Guitar
Hey You Flies

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