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LDX113 - Keytar Leads Pack V1 - Ax-Synth
LDX113 - Keytar Leads Pack V1 - Ax-Synth
LDX113 - Keytar Leads Pack V1 - Ax-Synth
LDX113 - Keytar Leads Pack V1 - Ax-Synth
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LDX113 - Keytar Leads Pack V1 - Ax-Synth

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Added by Leadsounds

The new Keytar Leads Collection on Ax-Synth by Roland® includes many patches inspired by Dream Theater songs and also some other patches to give you the best live experience of your entire life!

You should be able to install them quickly and easily through any Ax-Synth Editor... only a few minutes and you'll be ready to start !

Patched by Ultimauro.

Patches List:

Liquidator.a8e = Liquid style Lead

Liquidator 2.a8e = Another Liquid style Lead

Dv8 Lead.a8e = Lead Based on the Ytse'Jam Lead (Kevin Moore)

Dv8 Lead2.a8e = Variant of the Ytse' Moore Lead

Wailing Keytar.a8e = Lead (solo) based on the Wailing Guitar Lead (from Jd-800)

Jd8 Groove.a8e = Wailing Keytar, Poly version

Waveblowbear Keytar.a8e = Pad style sound, based on the Metropolis PT1 intro (kevin moore)

Perc-Vox Stacs.a8e = Percussive sound, based on Learning to Live starting sound (Kevin Moore)

Shine on Me Crazy Keytar (Lead).a8e = Pad & Lead inspirated by Pink Floyd song

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