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GPR019 - Super Jx-logia - Pg-8X VST ( 100 presets )
GPR019 - Super Jx-logia - Pg-8X VST ( 100 presets )
GPR019 - Super Jx-logia - Pg-8X VST ( 100 presets )
GPR019 - Super Jx-logia - Pg-8X VST ( 100 presets )
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GPR019 - Super Jx-logia - Pg-8X VST ( 100 presets )

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SUPER JX-LOGIA” is a library dedicated to one of the most famous vintage analog polyphonic synthesizer by Roland: JX-10 (also known as Super JX). The libraries have been built with the intention of recreating the warmth and the thickness of the original synthesizers’ timbre, giving the musician the possibility to have some of the most iconic sounds, that made them so famous, at his/her fingertips. SUPER JX-LOGIA in a tribute to this analog giant as it's been deeply programmed considering some of the most beautiful and iconic sounds that was onboards on real JX-10. The library contains 100 timbres and most of them are thought to be combined in layer as they would be the UPPER tone and the LOWER tone of the original synthesizer.

Patches List:
001 Sweep Jx-8p pad
002 Funky lead upper
003 Funky lead lower
004 Saw pluck
005 Strange solina
006 Heaven and hell upper
007 Heaven and hell lower
008 Jp8-lo-strings
009 Deep punch bass upper
010 Deep punch bass lower
011 Synth pick bass upper
012 Synth pick bass lower
013 Delayed ppg upper
014 Delayed ppg lower
015 Sunlight aura upper
016 Sunlight aura lower
017 Deep and dark upper
018 Deep and dark lower
019 Herbie bass
020 Sweeo brass
021 Square pluck
022 Jx-10 vecoven arp
023 Ghost echoes upper
024 Ghost echoes lower
025 Hollow pad upper
026 Hollow pad lower
027 Hollow windy pad upper
028 Hollow windy pad lower
029 Intro sweep
030 Jazz guitar upper
031 Jazz guitar lower
032 Lg power pad upper
033 Lg power pad lower
034 Little fishes upper
035 Little fishes lower
036 Ooww pad upper
037 Ooww pad lower
038 Rock sweeper upper
039 Rock sweeper lower
040 Voxy glock upper
041 Voxy glock lower
042 Ob power strings
043 Ob warm brass
044 Reso soft sweep
045 Jupiter perc
046 Layered perc pad upper
047 Layered perc pad lower
048 Delayed solo
049 West coast upper
050 West coast lower
051 Distorted panflute
052 Heaven voice upper
053 Heaven voice lower
054 Classic pad
055 Deep in your soul upper
056 Deep in your soul lower
057 Fat pad upper
058 Fat pad lower
059 Repeated voices upper
060 Repeated voices lower
061 Funny fifty lead upper
062 Funny fifty lead lower
063 Crystal rain upper
064 Crystal rain lower
065 Heaven orchestra upper
066 Heaven orchestra lower
067 Lyle lead
068 Synth strato upper
069 Synth strato lower
070 Ice rain upper
071 Ice rain lower
072 Full analog brass lower
073 Full analog brass upper
074 Synth hammer upper
075 Synth hammer lower
076 Chaos pad
077 Sync fifth
078 Dark horns upper
079 Dark horns lower
080 Classic fifth lead
081 Moog mania
082 Funk bass
083 Mr sluggo
084 D50 pad upper
085 D50 pad lower
088 Prophet power upper
089 Prophet power lower
090 Day dream upper
091 Day dream lower
092 Holes
093 Ob or not upper
094 Ob or not lower
095 Super JX pad upper
096 Super JX pad lower
097 Proton choir upper
098 Proton choir lower
099 Pcm layers upper
100 Pcm layers lower

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