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GNL014 - Synth Pack - Yamaha GENOS / 2 ( 64 presets )
GNL014 - Synth Pack - Yamaha GENOS / 2 ( 64 presets )
GNL014 - Synth Pack - Yamaha GENOS / 2 ( 64 presets )
GNL014 - Synth Pack - Yamaha GENOS / 2 ( 64 presets )
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GNL014 - Synth Pack - Yamaha GENOS / 2 ( 64 presets )

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A complete collection of sounds inspired by the best synths that have made history: there are classic Leads, Pads, vintage sounds and a set of instruments such as guitars, vocals, pianos, harps, all obtained from synthesis sounds. An excellent integration what is offered as standard by Yamaha arrangers... 64 new sounds !!!

Samples Size: 310 MB

These products are also compatible with ( PSR SX 700 - 900 Series / Tyros 5 )


Patches List:
Juno Bass
Juno Bass 2
CS-80 Bass
OB-X Bass
Hard 80s Bass
Wooden SynthBass
Yazoo - Don't Go
Synthwave Brass
Pluckin Synth
Angel Harp
Bell Strings
Creamalogue PL
1986 Pads
Dreamy SQ PL
Ecstacy Synth
Cinco Synth
Schlager Pluck
Synthetic keys
LD Punx
Ice Taps
Pulse Plucker
Italo Lead 1
Italo Lead 2
Italo Lead 3
Italo Lead 4
Italo Lead 5
Jupiter 6 LeadPad
Ice Crystals
Garden Pluck
Monolith Pluck
Drops Pluck
2020 Pluck
Multicolor Chords
JMJ Equinoxe 5
Piano DX Era
Opera Soprano
Retro Drums
Pluckage Synth
Vocal Stabs
Hive Pluck
Syn Choir1
Syn Choir2
Fantasy Guitar
Choir Pluck
DreamLayer Piano
Atmospheric Fantasy
Air Vox
Saw Lead
Happy PL
Synthwave Keys
2000s Lead
Romero Lead
Whistle Ensemble
Soft Lead
Middle Era Chant

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