DVK023 - The Brute Factor - Arturia PolyBrute

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Added by Davek

This new incredible sound pack includes a selection of amazing new patches programmed to give you excellent playability and strong sonic impact. There are new cinematic sounds, analog brass, very hot and evolving pads, vintage and modern sounding leads, and much more.
Unleash your creativity and immediately expand the possibilities of your Arturia Polybrute !!
Patched and performed by Davide Puxeddu.


Patches List:

1. Brute Lead
2. Cinematic Pad
3. Disturbed
4. Duck Funky Lead
5. Exposoure
6. Fantasy Pluck
7. Fisa Brute
8. Horror Theme
9. Into the Dark
10. Magic Guitar
12. Magic Plucked 12. Mellotron
13. Modern Plucked
14. Modern Trance
15. OB-X Brass
16. OB-X Brass II
17. Omnisphere Pad
18. Polybrute Pad
19. Retro Lead
20. Short Dancing
21. The Big Sky
22. The Brute Saw
23. The Brute Square
24. X-Files Aliens

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