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DKS003 - Custom Leads Vol.1 - Moog Sub 37 / Subsequent 37

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This awesome library adds creativity and power to your Moog Sub 37 / Subsequent 37; it features new progressive and powerful leads useful in every musical context... 23 new sounds !


Patches List:

DKS 4th July
DKS 5th Aftertouch LFO
DKS Bass 1
DKS Bass 2
DKS Brass Lead
DKS Far Away Lead
DKS Lead 1
DKS Lead 2
DKS Lead 3
DKS Lead 4
DKS Model D Lead
DKS Phatty Fat
DKS Pray for me Mod WH
DKS Reso Pluck
DKS Reverse Synth
DKS Running free
DKS Short Synth
DKS Square Lead
DKS Strange Lead
DKS Synth 1
DKS Theremin Flute
DKS Two note Synth
DKS Voyager Call me

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