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ASL043 - FM Extended Custom Sound - Yamaha GENOS 2 ( 30 voices )

€19,00 €29,00

d by Anthony

FM Extended Custom Sound is a library that works exclusively on native Yamaha Genos 2. These sounds consist on pure FM sounds, no samples. This library makes full use of the FM partition of the workstation. This library uses the internal resources of the machine. It is very simple to load since you will not need Yamaha Expansion Manager to load this library: this library is loaded directly from a USB stick. You simply have to copy the downloaded folder and the sounds are automatically loaded.

Enjoy these 30 new user voices !

Patches List (30 user voices):

Analog Pad FM
Andromeda FM
Bubble Pizz FM
Camel Pad FM
Dark Moon FM
David EP FM
Ducky Funk FM
EightCore Lead FM
Empire Stab FM
Flowing Lead FM
Fulinia FM
Glass Finger Pad FM
Japanese Lead FM
Kristal FM
Perfect Pad FM
Phased Pad FM
Pluck n Pad FM
Polar Ring Pad FM
Raw Keys FM
Resonance Pad FM
Saturnia Pad FM
SawPad FM
Second Way Pad FM
Sineus Lead FM
SoftBrassy FM
Spectre Pad FM
Sydney Keys FM
Trem Love EP FM
Uncle Pad FM
Wanna be Poly FM

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