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ASL040 - Red Giant - Yamaha MONTAGE / M ( 70 presets )

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Red Giant for Yamaha MONTAGE / M offers a new dimension in the sound experience with 70 new programs and new hi quality samples to satisfy the joy of playing without compromise.
Each sound has been carefully programmed, created and sampled, guaranteeing maximum audio quality and the immersive experience of the greatest synthesizers of the 70s, 80s and 90s with their respective types of synthesis.
Acoustic and Electric Pianos, Synth Brass, Tonewheel Organs, Clavinet, new String sounds, magnificent Pads, Synth Bells, Analog Solo Synths and combinations of all kinds.

This versatile sound library adapts to a wide range of musical genres through the help of classic timbres and innovative soundscapes to enrich your creativity.
An inexhaustible source of inspiration at every performance.

Samples Size: About 900 MB

N.B. Required Firmware version: MONTAGE OS v3.51 or MODX OS v2.52, or higher.


 Patches List
 001 Pn:Red Giant Piano
 002 Or:RG Organ 23
 003 Pd:RG Epica Bells 80
 004 Or:RG Organ 3
 005 Kb:RG Musette
 006 Kb:RG Sicily Tarantella
 007 St:RG Grandioso Double
 008 Pd:RG Pad 1
 009 Kb:RG Giant Bells
 010 Or:RG Brian B3
 011 St:RG Grandioso MIX 1
 012 St:RG Fast Strings
 013 Sc:RG GX1 Poly
 014 Pd:RG Harlem Choir
 015 Et:RG Marranzano
 016 St:RG Strings 2
 017 Or:RG Organ 1
 018 Or:RG Organ 3
 019 St:RG Grandioso Arp 1
 020 Pn:Red Giant PianoStrgs
 021 Or:RG Prog Stack OrgPol
 022 Pn:Red Giant PianoChoir
 023 St:RG Power Polysynth
 024 Sc:RG Omega Pad
 025 St:RG Grandioso Cinema
 026 St:RG Grandioso Vivace
 027 Sc:RG Pluton Pad
 028 Sc:RG Vco PluckOsc
 029 Pn:Red Giant PianoOrgan
 030 Pn:RG PianoOrganChoir
 031 Or:RG Organ Triple
 032 KbRG Bells Staccato
 033 Pd:RG Vapor Pad
 034 Ld:RG Stevie Duck Lead
 035 Kb:Anthony Rhodes
 036 Ld:RG Wizard Analog Pad
 037 Ld:RG Elettronica Trip
 038 Pd:RG Seagull Pad
 039 Ld:RG Wizard LegatoLead
 040 Sc:RG True Love Synth
 041 Kb:RG Anthony Rhodes
 042 Kb:RG Amoruso Rhodes
 043 Sc:Rg 80 Super PolySaw
 044 Sc:RG Wakeup Lead
 045 Kb:RG Clavinet X
 046 Kb:Dco SynthPiano
 047 Kb:RG Dreamy Rhodes
 048 Kb:RG Knight Funk
 049 Or:RG Prog Master
 050 Pn:RG Supreme Ballad
 051 Sc:Rg Majesty Poly
 052 Kb:RG Trem Rhodes 73
 053 Kb:RG Pan Rhodes String
 054 Kb:RG Stevie Wah Clav
 055 Kb:RG Instant Funk
 056 Kb:RG Sick Wah Rhodes
 057 Kb:RG 90Pop Stack
 058 Pn:Red Giant Piano 2
 059 Pn:RG Borealis Piano
 060 Sc:RG Australian Pad
 061 Kb:RG Honolulu Night
 062 Pn:RG David AEpiano
 063 Kb:RG Stardust Keys
 064 Pn:RG Other Space Keys
 065 Pd:Callas Maria
 066 Kb:Acid Dco Clav
 067 Br:Sicily Brass
 068 kb:Dco Dry Clav
 069 Br:RG Hidrid PowerBrass
 070 Pd:RG Apocalipse Choir

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