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ASL039 - Red Giant Piano Pack - Yamaha GENOS / 2 ( 10 programs )

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SKU: ASL039-genos

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The Red Giant Piano Expansion Pack for Yamaha GENOS offers a great selection of Rock/Jazz/Pop and Modern Piano Programs. Each sound has been carefully created and resample with new Piano Samples to ensure maximum audio quality and unprecedented tonal variety. This sound library adapts to a wide range of musical genres, providing classic piano sounds tones, ambient lounge sounds, jazz acoustic and modern tones to enrich your creativity, transforming your instrument into an inexhaustible source of inspiration for every performance. 10 New Programs organized in 1 Registration Memory Bank fully compatible with Yamaha GENOS / 2, PSR SX.

Samples Size: 212 MB

These products are also compatible with ( PSR SX 700 - 900 Series )


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